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Prasad Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 24, 2012 • Kannada ]
Prasad Review
Arjun, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Master Sankalp
Manoj Sathi
Ashok Kheney

The first delectable factor is not the film focusing on the challenged children of this society. The super star action king Arjun accepting this kind of film and giving a very neat performance in cool and composed way. There are quite a few interesting films in the past with the same subject. The children afflicted with AIDS handled by Roopa Iyer in 'Mukhaputa' put before the society a concerning question.

On the dumb and deaf we have many films in the past. 'Naandi' of N Lakshminarayana made five decades ago was most touching in those days. That does not mean `Prasad' goes not knocking at your heart. There are very good elements in the direction of Manoj Sathi and producer Ashok Kheney instead of throwing on commercial film has taken a very good stand in investing this kind of purposeful cinema.  It is so NICE of him (He is the NICE - Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises boss) to attempt this kind of film.

Like how it is true that the mother character needed replacement in the film it is also true that the film needed sharp editing. Cut half an hour the film would have been fast. There are several scenes that could have been told in just dialogues.

Shanker (Arjun Sarja in Kannada-Arjun in Tamil and Telugu) living with his wife and two girl children of his relative in the house is hoping for a male child. He prays God for it and he is blessed according to his wishes. The child is named as `Prasad' and the sudden shock for him is that the child is affected with hearing and speaking impairment.

Prasad curses the same God he prayed for the child. He takes to liquor and he is for major trauma. His wife Malathi (Madhuri Bhattacharya) not loses her balance of mind. She gives the ample care and when the child grows the required education is given to give a career for the child. Prasad (Master Sankalp) a very sweet looking boy slowly brings new development in the family of Shanker. Prasad becomes a swimming champion and his learning ability is faster compared to normal children. Shanker growth is because of his son Prasad and finally when Prasad is admitted to hospital after an accident there is another major turn for the film that you have to watch it on screen.

Arjun has given a measured performance and his dubbing is an asset to the role. In high pitch dialogues he stuns. For actress Madhuri Bhattacharya also dubbing done by actress Sudharani is the plus point. Sudharani could have played the role we feel many occasion because she is highly talented actress of over 25 years stay in Kannada filmdom.

Master Sankalp touches your heart every now and then. Oh God why such impairment to this sweet child you would say several times watching this film in the second half. Ramakrishna, Ninasam Ashwath and Kshama are good selections for the film.

The Maestro Ilayaraja has added in the re-recording and meaningful compositions. Ilayaraja work is the major enhancement for this film. Sanjay Malkar cinematography is accurate.

A film with purpose and message is worth a dekko!

Score 7.5/10



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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