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Unbelievable! PC and Nick Jonas commit a 'stylish' crime!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have become the ‘dream couple’ for all Bollywood inflicted Quantico obsessed fans. Even though the duo flaunts a style that is just so out of the box and flashing, their latest dress up is a steal. And even then we love it.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attended world famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s celebration of 50th anniversary. While Priyanka came in a crystal embellished turtle-neck, Nick Jonas came in a white suit and black trousers, a black bowtie with a cute pocket square. 

The 50th anniversary for Ralph Lauren was conducted at New York's Central Park with a fashion show as well.

But here’s the scoop. The stylish outfit might well be a rip off from Jennifer Lopez-Alex Rodriguez look from a Vanity Fair magazine cover. Well, that’s a shame. It's a tad surprising to know that Priyanka and Jonas had to steal this look from Jennifer to look this good! We're not complaining though!

However, we hope the fashion police is not aware of this stylish crime.