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'Pungi Dasa' Reel Master
Saturday, July 20, 2013 • Kannada Comments

'Pungi Dasa' is referred to a person who utters lies frequently. Such a character is played by top comedy hero Komal Kumar in the film. All the lies he utters is good for the situation. That is funny and timely. The situation for uttering lies is made very compact by MS Srinath who directed successful film ‘Rambo’.

Giving 100 days film ‘Rambo’ Srinath is also screenplay writer for ‘Victory’ Kannada cinema says it is a full entertainment cinema starring Komal Kumar.

Sadashiva alias Ramanna has switched from distribution of films in the last 30 years to production of the film. He is convinced that he is in right spot with good team in ‘Pungi Daasa’.

Sowcar Janaki returns to acting in Kannada after a long gap. Rajendra Karanth is overwhelmed with the role that is meant for versatile actor Ananth Nag given to him. Sudarshan another veteran from RNR family is grandfather in this film.

BC Patil a Congress I politician, actor, producer and director is back in his free time. He lost Assembly seat in Hirekerur in the last elections and so making a very right pick to suit his image and stature. He is in a role that is very vital for the film at the interval point.

Asma from Mumbai with one Hindi film is making her debut in first south Indian language film. She is in the company of her grandmother Sowcar Janaki in the film.

Winner in the box office for his strong ability in giving neat comedy films Komal Kumar is like ‘Narada’ in this film. He is forced to utter lie every time to save someone else. In emotions he tickle the funny bones of the audiences.