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Raincoat Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 16, 2015 • Kannada ]
Raincoat Review
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Vijay Jetty, Apoorva Rai,Ramya Ramachandran

Title - Rain Coat, Producer - Somashekhar HS, Direction - Lakki, Music - Daniel, Camera - Wesley Brown, Cast -Vijay Jetty, Apoorva Rai, Ramya Raj, Vatara Mallesh and others.

In giving an engaging entertainer director Lakki has erred in many places. There is no editor in this director. Excess of double meaning dialogues was not necessary with a good script on his hand. Some of the dialogues are vulgar and not fit for the family audience. Like a rain lashing in rainy season he has poured dialogues that could have been distributed to two films. The brevity is missing and content in a nut shell is long drawn out. Vijay Jetty and Apoorva Rai have bright chances in their career.

One becomes sick of dialogues but music is good to hear. The music sound in songs could have been reduced to make it more appealing. Lessons are not learnt from music maestro Ilayaraja and our Hamsalekha by young buddies.

What is this ‘Rain Coat’ all about? It is about the frustration of a youth who is handicap - he has lost one of his legs. He wins over his handicap but one of the two girls (Ramya Raj) ditch him despite of his affluence. A charming doctor who comes to the village to serve for 100 days is liked by this handicap. On the other hand doctor keeps her love a secret. The honest youth declare his handicap status. This is what the doctor immensely likes. Next to roll on screen you can expect easily.

Intelligent, workaholic and shrewd director Lakki has to improve and deliver what the people need in quick succession on silver screen. The songs scored by Daniel are on par with the leading music directors. The second half montage songs are pretty good. Cinematographer Wesley Brown made it very pleasant especially when the rain is lashing in several scenes.

The partial success formula is what directors like Lakki have to catch to remain in the limelight.

Score - 5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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