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Rajadhani Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 3, 2011 • Kannada ]
Rajadhani Review
Sri Deviramma Productions
Yash, Sheena Shabadi, Prakash Raj, Chetan Chandra, Sathya, Sandeep, Ravi Teja, Ramesh Bhat, Thulasi Shivamani, Achyuth Kumar, Arun Sagar, Petrol Prasanna, Umasri, Biradar, Raju Thalikote
KV Raju
Sowmya Sathyan
Arjun Janya

'Rajadhani' is a bold attempt in alerting the youths. A mistake done in the early part of the life how does it cost the life is explained in the KV Raju style in 'Rajadhani'. Known for making strong objections in this corrupt system, the veteran director looks at the life of five different youths who forcibly indulge in nefarious activities, to acquire pleasures in life. This is a kind of hustle and bustle cinema where attacks and counter attacks occupy the screen space with harsh dialogues coming out from the frustration of the youths.

From a poverty stricken families Raja, Jaggu, Dhamu, Nithya and Chetan are good friends. Chetan is poles apart in his thoughts because he is the son of a school teacher. The gang of four attracts Manohar who works for the politician and assign a deal for Rs.50 lakhs. Chetan the youngest of the lot disagree to this deal and separate from the friendship. That is the murder of underworld don Benki Mahadevu. The youths without knowing the whereabouts of dangerous personality in the busy mall wearing dummy covers to the face successfully kill Benki Mahadevu. That locks all the four in the problem. They do not get the deal amount and requires Rs.10 lakhs to come out clean. This is where director Raju shows even the judiciary and police is corrupt. Ajay (Prakash Raj) disagree to leave the youths who are indulged in the murder but he is hapless. The higher ups ask him to keep quiet.

The urge for quick money and wrong notion that it is only the money power that is very essential the feared four in the 'Rajadhani' occupy the central position in the rowdy activities and lose their life too. At one point of time Chetan also joins the team and it is wrong step too from a school teacher son.

In the dialogues department director KV Raju who has penned it is very harsh. Some of the words are not usually heard and that is the reason for the film to get 'A' certificate.

Yash looks fit for the role. He has given fierce performance too and he represents the disenchanted youths of the society. Sathya, Raviteja, Sandeep, Chetan Chandra have lent good support. Sheena making debut in Kannada is not having many scenes and she looks very ordinary. Prakash Raj, Sharat Lohitashva, Raju Thalikote, Ramesh Bhat are good in their roles.

Arjun two tunes - Adjust Madkollo...Dinavu Ninna Kanasalli Baruva Kathari...are worth hearing. HC Venu camera work is adequate and it has captured the natural locations.

A film for the youth to pick the right way in life!

Score 6.5/10 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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