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Rajat Kapoor does away with makeup team for 'Ankhon Dekhi'
Thursday, January 30, 2014 • Hindi Comments

For his forthcoming venture ‘Ankhon Dekhi’ Rajat Kapoor was very particular about certain things. So much that, during the auditions the candidates were surprised about his conditions. Read on to find out...

Rajat has hemmed the project from scratch. He has written, directed and acted in the film. Rajat has looked into the casting of the film largely. We were told that while casting for the film, Rajat mentioned it to the cast, beforehand that there will be no make-up personnel or vanity vans. Reason was that Rajat was keen to keep it as real as possible and hence did not want to loose the element.

A lot of actors Rajat spoke to were not comfortable with this. They reasoned with him and did not come on board for the film because of this reason. However Rajat was very sure of the vision he had for the film. Confirmed Rajat Kapoor, "It is terrible what actors do to their faces with makeup, hide the beauty of their faces under layers of it. We decided that we did not want any make up for this film, and that was made clear to all the actors when they came to audition. Some actors, in fact did not agree to the clause, so unfortunately we had to let them go."

The film has even been shot at real locations houses and narrow lanes in Shahjahanabad, Delhi. With no makeup hair personnel, it was a tight team of cast and crew. The strength of the team was 40-45 people odd.

He further justified, "Not having makeup and hair professionals on the set did many things. It brought a sense of real to the film, which was very crucial for us, it gave a certain freedom to the actors and additionally it saved a lot of time - which was great for the shoot."

‘Ankhon Dekhi’ is a humorous film about a man's journey.