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Thalaivar power! Rajini movies helps cure a kid after heart transplant!

We movie-buff bow down to the power of Rajinikanth. Many memes have ruled the internet for the star’s superpowers. One meme we remember had him annihilating the entire Avengers team. But seriously, apart from the badass powers he has up his sleeve, seems like he’s a healer as well. 

How? A 13-year-old kid Kushal from south Bangalore who had his heart recently transplanted watched, we mean binge-watched Rajini films to get over the pain post-surgery. The boy had undergone a 4-hour surgery last month in Fortis. The director of the clinical affairs from Fortis has stated that the boy recovered well by watching Rajini movies during his hospital stay.

We wish a full speedy recovery for Kushal!