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Raksha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 19, 2008 • Telugu ]
Raksha Review
One More Thought & ZED 3 PICTURES
Jagapathi Babu, Kalyani & others
Vamsikrishna Akella
Chandrashekar, Vijayalaxmi, Suryavathi

Earlier many films have been made bearing this plot line - which is mightier amongst the Divine, Evil and Human forces. Approximately 10 years back, the film 'Tulasi Dalam' was made based on Yandamuri Veerendranath's novel which revolves around black magic. The film had spurred excitement and generated a high level curiosity on subject black magic. Inspired by the yesteryear flick, 'Raksha' is a supernatural thriller on the same vein.

'Raksha' is directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella, who erstwhile was a pupil of  Ram Gopal Varma. The movie is produced by One More Thought Entertainments Pvt Ltd. And Zed3 Pictures as a joint venture. The thriller starring Jagapathi Babu and Kalyani in the lead along with a prominent role played by Baby Neha has hit screens on September 19th.


Rajeev (Jagapathi Babu) a civil engineer owning a construction company, is an atheist. He lives happily with wife Arthi (Kalyani), their two children Raksha (Baby Neha) and Rahul (Master Athulith), and his mother (Radhakumari). His wife and mother have immense belief in god and Chethabadalu (black magic). On a regular day of his work at the construction site, Shyam (Narsing Yadav), his assistant reports the finding of an ancient Ganesh idol. He also advises Rajeev to construct a temple to Ganesh, and says if not built it will be a bad omen for them. However Rajeev takes heeds deaf to his words. Rajeev dotes and has immense affection for his daughter Raksha. Suddenly on an uneventful day strange things happens in his house and Raksha starts behaving unusually. His mother and wife plead to him to overlook this unforeseen circumstances but he will not listen to them. When the health level of Raksha starts deteriorating, he takes her to a psychiatrist Rangarajan (Jeeva). The doctor was tongue tied and unable to explain the changes that is happening to Raksha. With all the doors closed, Rajeev starts believing in miracles and black magic. Finally a specialist in psychology, Dr Seema (Jayasudha) makes her entry. Rajeev with the help of his friend Vinay (Subbaraju) meets a black magician Baba, and finds out about the spell on Raksha also who & how is it done. Who helped Mani ( Chandra Sekhar) the driver of Rajeev in doing it all, and How Rajeev saves Raksha from the menace is the story of the film.

Performance of Artists

Baby Neha's performance, who earlier played the daughter of RaviTeja in 'Vikramarkudu' , is the highlight for the movie. She surprises everyone with her splendid performance. Specially, in the sequences at school, hospital and with Jagapati babu have been very well expressed. She deserves a big applaud for her performance in this budding age.

Jagapathi Babu has been keeping himself in terms with the current requirements. He is molding his skills according to the trend and variety of roles he is choosing to enact. Rajeev is another noteworthy character he performed in his career. He had enacted slickly as a doting father struggling to save his child from these unforeseen consequences. The scenes where he emotes his affection will bring a tear drop to the audience.

Kalyani as Arthi did well within the scope that her role offered her. Similarly Radhakumari, Bhargavi also showed a noteworthy performance.

After a long time actor Subbaraju, seemed like changing his roles from negative shade to a positive shade. He had delivered a graceful performance as a friend for the hero Jagapathi babu.

Mani as driver, Rajeev Kanakala as Madhu, Sathya Krishnan as Veen, although appeared for a short time, exhibited a good work. Similarly Pradeep Rawath as Baba, Geeva as psychiatrist, Jayasudha as Seema, have all rendered a serene act within the limits of their characterization.

Director's Portrayal

Although this is his first film as a director for Vamsi Krishna Akella, the story and screenplay of 'Raksha' is captivatingly woven. The final sequence showing that the belief in divine, magic and human forces are all personal to everyone is a innovative perspective. In a nutshell, director Vamsikrishna has gained accolade with his first venture 'Raksha'.

Technical Team

Editing by Bhanodaya cuts at the right points and increases the anticipation in a thriller flick like 'Raksha'. The re-recording aspect which is the respiratory part for this genre of films is aptly done by Amar Mohil. Photography by Surjodeep Ghosh brings out the eerie feel. Dialogues by Jeevan Reddy adds up to the theme.


This movie is based on RGVs recent hit 'Phoonk' which is made in Hindi.  Earlier about 10 years ago, the film 'Tulasi Dalam' of the same genre was made based on Yandamuri Veerandranath's novel. 'Tulasi Dalam' conveys the existence of black magic. While 'Raksha' features that along with black magic (evil force), divine force also exists, and if Gods prevail, even the devils exist too. Keeping aside the point who believes in what, if we watch the present trend where an array of horror movies are being made, 'Raksha' will sure stand out tall as a grand success with the audience and will haunt them for awhile.

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Kalyani, Baby Neha, Master Atulith, Radhakumari, Subbaraju, Chandrasekhar, Rajeev Kanakala, Sathya Krishnan, Narsing Yadav, Jeeva, Melkote, Jayasudha, Pradeep Rawath, etc.


Dialogues: Jeevan Reddy, Camera: Surjodeep Ghosh Editing: Bhanodaya Background Score: Bopi Tutul, Producer: Azam Khan, Presents: Ram Gopal Varma, Banner: OneMoreThought Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. ; Zed3 Pictures Productions, Story, Screenplay, Direction: Vamsikrishna Akella

Released on : September 19, 2008

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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