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RGV Naked Movie Review

Sunday, June 28, 2020 • Tamil Comments

Naked - Half baked

As the world is under the threat of coronavirus and hardly any business is done especially in the entertainment industry veteran Ram Gopal Varma seems to be in a hurry to make a few fast bucks. In the process, he seems to be giving scant respect for his reputation as being one of India's most celebrated filmmakers in a bygone era. He has found a new avenue ATM or Any Time Movie and first made 'Climax' with Mia Malkova as the star which was panned by critics and now comes 'Naked' which is as half baked as the amateur short films you get on YouTube.

The story (???) of 'Naked' is as simple as what a teenager would fantasize in his restroom or the adults in their rooms when in rest. We are going to try anyway and here you go it is about a house help Jamal who has sexual thoughts about the owner of the house's wife 'Sweety' and one fine day his dreams come true but has to pay a big price for it.

In terms of acting Sweety, the newbie actress fills the frame literally with her imposing figure and her assets are the only assets of 'Naked' as well. The boy who plays Jamal is okayish while the husband overacts to an innocent bedroom escapade by the internet age standards.

Technically the cameraman is the biggest asset of 'Naked' and credit to him that he holds it up for the long hand held takes without shaking...we mean THE CAMERA. There is also a heavy Mysskin influence in the angles but nakedness is not as aesthetically shot as the Psycho man would believe he did in his film. Someone told the music director that the Panther theme would work for a bit film and it does succeed in adding a fun quotient.

The final word is those who pay rupees two hundred for a watch of 'Naked' looking for a connection between the title and what is offered on screen may feel let down big time. Any small titillation that RGV works out with Sweety's body and skin show however goes limp when he tries to infuse a story into the proceedings. This one should have remained a trailer

Rating: N/A

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