Ramarajan and Nalini's daughter reveals surprising details for the first time

Ramarajan was the leading star in Tamil cinema during the late eighties and early nineties even giving a tough fight to Kamal and Rajini at the box office. He fell in love with Nalini a leading heroine of the time and the couple married in 1987 and had twin children Aruna and Arun. However due to various reasons Ramarajan and Nalini divorced in the year 2000 and the children got to live with the actress visiting their father whenever they wanted.

Aruna a doctor by profession who is married to Ramachandran a hotelier has opened up for the first time about her celebrity parents. She has shared that though they are separated her parents have mutual respect towards each other and have never spoken ill about each other ever to the children.

Aruna has related a surprising incident that the day her parents got their divorce finalised Nalini fainted in the court and it was Ramarajan who rushed to her side and carried her to safety and was even crying. The judge who watched this asked them whether they truly want a divorce when they have so much affection towards one another.

Aruna also revealed that her mother brought her up as a mini Ramarajan and she has a lot of his qualities in her and even now when she meets her dad the first question he would ask is how her mother is before enquiring about her. Well its nice to see a couple belonging to a different era behaving in a more civilized way than the modern day folks.