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'Rangasthalam' Review Live Updates

Friday, March 30, 2018 • Telugu Comments
8:10 am : Film just started. Watch this space for LIVE updates
8:14 am : The film begins in the present. Ram Charan is worried for the life of a key character. Then the film takes a leap backwards. 'Naa peru Chitti Babu andi', he says
8:25 am : Anasuya Bharadwaj enters the screen as a good-hearted woman on whom Chitti Babu depends for help from time to time. Ajay Ghosh is a henchman who can snuff out a life with practiced ruthlessness
8:30 am : Jagapathi Babu is a feudal lord who visibly lacks a heart. Ram Charan rocks in the title track.
8:41 am : Samantha introduced almost 30 minutes into the movie. She abuses the hero in the very first scene for a reason. But he sees only her beauty. Time for 'Yentha Sakkagunnave'.
8:56 am : The scenes between Charan and Samantha are cliched, but it's the earnest performances that make us root for the proceedings. The film needs to present an element that can suck us into the 'rangasthalam'.
9:10 am : Chitti Babu's character is elevated in a hackneyed scene. Samantha's expressions in the song 'Rangamma Mangamma' are an extension of her acting in the scenes
9:26 am : A scene involving the lead pair and Anasuya is touching. It ends on a surprising note. Overall, the trajectory of the story is on routine lines thus far
9:34 am : Aadhi Pinisetty has a key scene. 'Rangasthalam lo rajakeeyam modalaindi', Ram Charan says, delivering a dekko.
9:36 am : Interval
10:00 am : The film now acquirs a political backdrop. Prakash Raj is set to have some high moments. Aadhi and Charan expected to have emotional combination scenes
10:10 am : Rajeev Kanakala has a cameo. The David vs Goliath fight is on and on. One scene that can make Jagapathi Babu look special is needed
10:25 am : Ram Charan's warning to Jagapathi Babu is the film's best scene so far. Brother sentiment becomes a major element by and by.
10:29 am : Yes, the scene where Jagapathi Babu's megalomania comes to the fore finally makes him look distinct. Mega Power Star has monologues and is there all over. Samantha continues to be a bit whimsical
10:41 am : Jigelu Rani comes before pre climax. The film's first major action sequence is on. It's time for emotional catharsis
11:00 am : The film presents some unexpected moments in the last leg. Thankfully, Sukumar avoids the beaten path. Or so it seems
11:12 am : There is an unexpected intrigue in the climax. Ram Charan is fabulous in showing anguish and anger.
11:15 am : The end

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