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Rangrezz Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 22, 2013 • Hindi ]
Rangrezz Review
Pooja Entertainment
Jackky Bhagnani,Priya Anand,Rajpal Yadav,Amitosh Nagpal
Vashu Bhagnani

What is it all about

Vashu Bhagnani brings India's prolific Priyadarshan back and how.. the master comes with an intensely relevant, real and substantial desi salute to dil, dosti, pyaar, lust, believe, respect, hope, parenthood and marriage in Rangrezz...

This youngistaan is not found in lounge bars and discotheques but at the hook and corner of every Indian street... who breaks the govinda matki with the same pride as helping their friend to runaway with his future bride.. Their big heart is filled with dollops of Jazzbaat (read emotions) for their friends till the end of times and are never afraid to give it back to those valentines who change partners according to their comfort and times.. Brilliant.

The Story

Writers Mushtaq Shiekh, Samuthirakani give a Mumbai background to this Hindi remake of the regional favourite sensation down south that started with Naadodigal (2009 starring Sasikumar) which went further to spread its glory in Telugu as Shambo Shiva Shambo ( 2010, starring Ravi Teja), then in Kannada Hudugaru (2011, starring Puneet Rajkumar), Malayalam - Ithu Nammude Katha (2011,starring Asif Ali) even in Bengali as Run.

So what makes this as a favourite electric, youth centric, potboiler for filmmakers around India...

It's in the attitude of this youths where three friends in Mumbai Rishi (Jackky) who is waiting to clear his final interview for job in the police department as his marriage to his baachpan ka pyaar Megha (Priya Anand) is hanging on the appointment letter. Winu (Amitosh) wants to open a computer training school and Pakyya (Vijay),is dreaming in dollars and dinars outside India as relationships with his father are terrible due to his relatively young step mother.

Enters Joy (Raghav Chanana) Rishi's school-buddy from U.P who is powerless to fight for his love Jasmine ( Akshara Gowda). Rishi, Winu and Pakkya then do the dare devilry for Joy.. helping him to elope with Jasmine and get them married..

Only to realize later that not only their world has fallen apart individually but also they have being betrayed by one of their friend in the name of friendship, love and marriage.

What to look out for

Priyadarshan's credentials are unquestionable with works like Kanchivaram, Virasat, Kala Pani but many in Bollywood believe him as a churner of those `Hera Pheri's' & `Malamal Weekly's'.. Rangrezz highlights the seriousness back in Priyadarshan and when you have your favourite cameraman Santosh Siwan coming back after more than a decade.. the shot takings are bound to be just brilliant. Priyadarshan mastery is visible in intense scenes like the entire kidnapping episode is pulsating; the emotional moments are deftly handled.

Like a master Priyadarshan develops the atmosphere and slowly but surely brings it to its required crescendo.

There is lot of heart in Rangrezz which has the potential to reintroduces Priyadarshan to many fresh as a daisy after all these years, Pridarshan's touch is evident right from the word go in painting a eye ground portrait of life of the common Indian youth who disowns Pizza Hut, sleek wheels and smart phones and is deeply rooted with his limited resources but has a heart of a millionaire.

Priyadarshan's slice of life is different from those feel good high profile friendship voyage and is technically very professionally done. The editing by T. S. Suresh is smart and crisp. Production values are excellent.

Rangrezz main focus is on never ending friendship it also mentions the failure of today's youth in understanding their love and the true meaning of marriage. The terrible things that can result if you make a wrong judgement and misunderstand lust for love.

Many a times we get movies in bollywood who asks parents to consider their young ones.. Rangezz probes those youth who are in love for their responsibility and acceptance. And also opens gates for parents to understand the matters of heart.

On the acting front Rangrezz is filled with surprises.

Jackky Bhagnani shows tremendous growth as an actor and does his job with complete earnestness.

Priya Anand is very likable, bubbly and full of charm.

The supporting cast provides excellent support where Vijay Verma as Pakkya is the best.

The sober Amitosh Nagpal as Winu is natural, Akshara Gowda as Jasmine is fine. Raghav Chanana as Joy makes his mark, Pankaj Tripathi as Brijbihari Pande is very good.

Rajpal Yadav is quiet funny.

What not

In this age of live in relationships, some may argue for the gyaan on love and marriage.. Rangrezz gives complex to the `brand' conscious generation next. There are some flaws which cannot be ignored.. Priya Anand deserves some more scope during the end. Who is this fourth guy on the bike. The issue could have had a counter argument from the other side. Lushin Dubey as Rati Chaturvedi is loud and not clear.

The proceedings in second half could have being tighter. Sajid-Wajid music is a let own though the songs are beautifully picturised.

Conclusion: Rangrezz revisits the youngistaan of India in the name of love, friendship, believe, marriage, lust and parenthood. Truly demands a look for those who are hooked in love or looking for getting hooked in love.

Rating ***and1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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