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Rashmika on 'Geetha Govindam', priorities & more

Rashmika Mandanna just had her second success this year in Telugu.  Months after 'Chalo', she is reveling in the aftermath of the release of 'Geetha Govindam'.  In this interview, she talks about working on the film, her future projects, balancing between her home industry and Tollywood and more.  

Have you watched the movie after its release?  How did you find it?

Since I don't look at the monitor during the shoot, I don't know how a film turned out until I watch the final copy.  In the case of 'Geetha Govindam', I watched it FDFS and thoroughly enjoyed it even more than when I was shooting.  You don't understand some sequences while shooting for them.  But they make a lot of sense while watching it on the screen.  I am enjoying the audience's response to our movie.  

You have acted in a hit like 'Chalo' earlier this year.  What drew you to 'Geetha Govindam'?  

After 'Chalo', I was looking for something especially interesting.  In Parasuram's script, I saw humour and sensed that the writer has a finger on the pulse of the audience.  Moreover, Geetha is a strong character.  So, I immediately signed up to do the movie.  

You were not the first choice to play the female lead, much as Vijay Deverakonda was not the first choice to play Vijay Govind.  We heard that the director waited three months for you to join the sets.  

Yes, I know that.  Although they had signed up three heroines before me at different points of time, nothing worked out, I was told.  The makers had come to me with the hope that I will say 'Yes'.  The film has turned out to be a hit and I am very happy that I got to be its Geetha.  

You are doing one more film with Deverakonda.  And you are also acting opposite Nani.  How are the films shaping up?

In both 'Dear Comrade' and 'Devadas', I am playing well-written roles.  In the latter, I have one of the important roles, and in Deverakonda's film, I am playing a performance-oriented role.  

Coming to 'Geetha Govindam', the hero calling you 'Madam' with fear palpable on his face in the Teaser has been a talking point.  How was the experience of shooting for the movie?

It was a humorous experience all throughout.  I would laugh so many times after a shot was over.  The entire unit was chilled out.  Initially, speaking in the Telugu language was hard.  But I got to work with thorough professionals like Vijay, who made it less difficult for me.  

After becoming so popular in Kannada, you are now occupying a space of your own in Telugu as well.  How do your family members see all the popularity that you are enjoying at so young an age?

My parents are hands-on elders and try to help me with my career.  I sit and discuss things with them.  It helps a lot.  

You are now bound to get busy in Telugu.  How are you planning to balance Tollywood and Sandalwood projects?

Since Kannada is my first love, I will continue to do films in that industry.  The love of the Kannada audience has made me what I am today.  I will do a balancing act between the industries.  

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