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Ravana Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 5, 2009 • Kannada ]
Ravana Review
Yogish, Sanchitha Padukone, Srinivasamurthy, Dwarakish, Santosh
Yogish Hunsur
Abhiman Roy

Director Yogish Hunsur has not lived up to the expectations. He gives a long and protracted screenplay and at least half an hour the film should have been applied scissors. A portion of flash back (childhood of protagonist) it seems he has picked the reels from the original film `Kadhal Kondein' (made in Tamil in 2003). The film is touching only in a few places and other wise `Ravana' is a regular ruckus.

Vinod (Yogish) disheartened youngster has undergone brutality in his life and so he has no soft corner towards anything. As he grows in an orphan house he develops intelligence and gets a seat for doing engineering in the city. He is timid and cajoled in the initials days in his college. He has enough strength to counter any wrong doers. Once he bashes up his college friends for attributing something wrong to him. From then on Vinod is feared by everyone. For the innocence, intelligence and interesting character in Vinod the class mate Divya (Sanchitha Padukone) bring him up with sophistication in life. As the father of the Church says Vinod he should leave Divya for generosity she had shown the approach of Vinod turns to love. Divya on the other hand is an extremely good friend to Vinod has love interest with Adhi (Santosh). Vinod although express his love to Divya she does not reciprocate and says it is only friendship with him. Vinod is mad about Divya and that makes him to take up wrong steps. He turns a murderer. He elopes with Divya and uses his strength and intelligence. What happens when Adhi comes with police in search of Vinod and Divya is the climax part of the film!

Yogish has the right kind of role for him. His dialogue delivery is apt and convincing for his fans. The songs made for him are very gaudy. Sanchitha Padukone is a heroine to watch in the coming days. She has to cut down her weight and improve her acting standards. Srinivasamurthy, Dwarakish and Santosh are impressive.

The film major honor goes to music director Abhiman Roy. He has not lifted the tunes from the original and come out with three lovely tunes - Thampu Thampu Gali Birugaali..Ninna Manevaregu Naanu Barabahudhe.and Chakli Nippat Thinkondu... R Giri the senior cameraman has done a competent work.

Reduce the length then this film is a passable one!

Scoring - 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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