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Reason behind Arjun Kapoor's weight loss
Saturday, February 1, 2014 • Hindi Comments

We all know how Arjun Kapoor lost oodles of weight before he entered the show business some years back. However, when the actor heard the script of ‘Gunday’ he was thinking how he would do so much running that was required in the film.

In the beginning days of the shoot, when Ranveer and Arjun used to run together, Arjun realized how running was his shortcoming vis-a-vis Ranveer Singh who has always been an athlete.

Arjun Kapoor would start panting in the first minute of running itself. He surely did lose a lot of weight but physical fitness was something he worked on after taking up ‘Gunday’. So, Arjun started training extensively to first start running for longer duration and once he achieved that, he started working on his performance while running as an actor.

On the last day of shoot, when they were doing a running sequence, Arjun overtook Ranveer and felt very proud about it. "Running in films is an art that needs to be learnt and mastered. On the last day of the shoot when I was able to run neck to neck with Ranveer, I was happy that I had finally achieved something," remarked Arjun.