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Renu Desai on roles she likes to play, role model & more

Saturday, May 2, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Renu Desai on roles she likes to play, role model & more

Renu Desai has interacted with IndiaGlitz and its patrons on a LIVE show. The former actress fielded questions from our followers and RJ Kajal in style during the show.

We asked her whether she would be willing to play supporting roles in Telugu movies. Pat came the reply, "Yes, why not? I am an actor and would be ready to play well-realized roles."

Would she be willing to play a mother to actors such as Mahesh Babu and Prabhas? "Yes, the kind of mother who comes in the flashback. I will play a mother to a young Mahesh Babu garu or Prabhas in the flashback," she said, adding that she sees herself as a universal mother because everyone calls her Renamma.

She believes in taking life one day at a time. "I don't worry about tomorrow, nor do I brood over yesterday. I believe in living in the moment. If we can handle today's issues, we will be relieved of our pressure," Renu ponders.

When a follower asked her who her role model is, Renu said, "I don't have a role model in a conventional sense. I look up to Nature as my role model. It might sound too poetic but that's the truth." In keeping with her poetic vision, Renu refuses to believe in narrow identities. "Someone in the comments section is asking if I am a Brahmin. Why does he want to know? Is it useful? Coronavirus is not sparing anyone. We are human beings first," she adds.

Talking about her children, Renu says, "Since Akhira Nandan was born and brought up in his early years in Hyderabad, he prefers to talk in Telugu. Aadhya, on the other hand, was brought up in Pune and she is fluent in Marathi. If you ask me what is our mother tongue, let me say it is English, without which we can't communicate with others."

"The one advice I always give my son Akhira is this: Be full of gratitude no matter what. For everything that you have, be full of gratitude. Be grateful that you are alive," Renu reveals.

So, when is Renu planning to launch her son as a film hero? "He is all of 16. Let him enjoy his teens," she says.

Renu describes herself as a true Indian. "My father is a Gujarati. My mother is a Marwari. I married a Telugu. And I speak Marathi at home," she says.

'Johnny', the 2003 movie directed by Pawan Kalyan, taught her a great deal. "I was not just its female lead but also its production designer and took care of a lot of other things. I had to push myself to work for 16-17 hours a day. I was all of 21 at that time. That film taught me that I should never shy away from hard work," she says.

Ask her what is the secret of her long hair, Renu suggests she is not flattered by the question. "Half of my hair is long gone. If you want long hair, then don't cut it. It's that simple," she jokes.

When a follower asked her if she would like to start a TV show to inspire people with something constructive, Renu answers, "That's a good idea. Hitherto, I have been busy bringing up my children and directing a movie. If experience in life counts, I should do the talking."

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