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RGV announces 'The Man Who Killed Gandhi'!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Ram Gopal Varma wants to tell the world the perspective of Nathuram Godse, the man who killed Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. Appearing on a TV channel to defend Naga Babu's pro-Godse comments, here is what RGV said on Tuesday night.

"I feel that Naga Babu garu is 100% correct. As a child, I was told that Godse was an extremist, a terrorist, a crackpot. I never got to think beyond. Since nobody gives a thought to what must have made Godse resort to the action (of killing Gandhi), he has remained a strange villain in our minds. Ninety-nine percent of people don't know anything about what made Godse assassinate Gandhi. Godse was a follower of Gandhi once," RGV began saying.

"The handling of Hindu-Muslim issues made Godse genuinely believe that Gandhi was doing it wrong. Gandhi stubbornly insisted that Pakistan be given 50% of funds from our treasury. Sardar Vallabhai Patel and others were not inclined to oppose Gandhi on this demand. There was pressure on them from Gandhi," RGV added.

"It's another matter that disagreement shouldn't lead to murder. Godse's version was not let out by the government of the day because India had just got freedom and it would have been embarrassing. I am not saying that Godse did the right thing," the controversial director opined.

He then made an announcement. "I want to make a film called 'The Man Who Killed Gandhi'. Most probably, you won't see Gandhi anywhere in the film except in the scene where he is being killed. The film will portray Godse's perspective. What made a non-criminal take up the extreme step? How did Godse's heart change? He had never held a gun all his life. Who were his co-conspirators? There was a Telugu man in his cohort. The script is ready in my mind," RGV revealed.

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