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RGV on 'Bhairava Geetha', 'Lakshmi's NTR' & voting in elections

Monday, November 26, 2018 • Telugu Comments

RGV on Bhairava Geetha, Lakshmis NTR & voting in elections

Ram Gopal Varma awaits the release of 'Bhairava Geetha' on November 30.  In this interview, he talks about the movie, how it all began, what can be expected in it, his directorial 'Lakshmi's NTR', why he doesn't vote and more.  

How do you see the 23-year-old director of 'BG'?

A film can work because of star cast, story or some other aspect.  After many years, I have seen in director Siddhartha Thatholu a unique cinematic language.  As a filmmaker, I I have found it remarkable in him.  It's wholesome and not limited to a few scenes.  

Why did you choose Irra Mor, a new heroine?

When I used to cast a heroine repeatedly, I would be asked why the same one.  Now, you are asking why a new heroine.  When it's a new face, believability factor (in terms of the story) increases.  

What ticked for you to work with Siddhartha?

Siddhartha came to me because he liked certain sensibilities in my style of filmmaking. When you watch the film, you will understand why he came only to me.  After the script was written, I felt only he should direct it.  'Kadapa' web series was conceptualized and shot by him and I loved his work on it.  He is not my disciple.  He wants to get free from me. If 'BG' clicks, he might well say that he doesn't know RGV.  

What is the crux of 'BG'?

Every rebel story is about class differences.  Only that trigger changes from story to story. In 'Bhairava Geetha', the trigger is a love story between a rich girl and a boy from a poor background.  

What is your take on the year's big debacle, 'Officer'?

Nobody would release a movie if they know that something is terrible in it.  In the case of 'Officer', both me and Nagarjuna totally believed in the product.  Even two days before its release, Nag was very confident at an event.  We never had any creative differences during the making of the movie.  

A filmmaker takes a year to make a film.  He wouldn't proceed if he knows he is making a blunder.  Nobody listens to me when I say I don't make any mistake on purpose.  The audience pays Rs. 100 but a producer spends crores.  Why would anyone do a blunder wantedly?

Why did you launch 'Lakshmi's NTR' in Tirupathi?  Why did you choose to make it?

NTR garu has got a strong connection with Tirupathi.  That's why it was launched there. If there is any aspect in NTR garu's life which was dramatic, it was this phase (when he came in contact with Lakshmi Parvathi and breathed his last due to health issues a few years later).  In Balakrishna garu's film, they won't show all this.  I have always been fascinated by NTR garu's dark phase of life.  

What can we expect to watch in the biopic?

I am not saying anything new through the film.  As a filmmaker, I have the right to work on something at an emotional level.  I haven't interacted with Balakrishna garu regarding 'Lakshmi's NTR'.  The film is about the relationship between NTR garu and Lakshmi Parvathi.  How I am going to show the Chandrababu Naidu aspect, you have to watch it in the movie. I don't know whose interests the movie will statisfy.  It will definitely satisfy mine.  I have refused to show the script to Lakshmi Parvathi.  I have no ill-will.  If my intentions are not clean, I would have shown her a fake script.

What kind of perspective can we expect in the movie? When is it releasing?

There are several perspectives on what transpired back then.  The film begins with Lakshmi Parvathi meeting NTR garu.  Everybody is a new actor in the movie.  January end or February mid is when the film will hit the screens.  

Who are you going to vote in the coming elections?

I have never voted in my life in any election.  I don't think it makes a difference, no matter who is in power.  I was told as a child that right to vote is precious.  I am a law-abiding citizen who has no time to understand politics.  I am fine with anybody ruling the country. I do follow American politics, though.  I was among the first ones in India to say that Trump will win.  I keep interest in the US  because it's the most powerful country.