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RGV's 'Raktha Charithra' based on Faction

Monday, September 29, 2008 • Telugu Comments

Disparate director Ram Gopla Varma is known widely to make sensational films of different genre that are always envisaged in a new aspect. Keeping aside the subjects based on gangsters, devils and black magic, he has now launched a new film on faction.

Close sources reveal that this will be made on the backdrop of a recent assassination of a popular leader. 'Raktha Cherithra' is the title confirmed for this film, which will commence shooting shortly. This is said to be the story of real people & real incidents that is being molded into an ultimate fiction. An additional gossip is this movie is made with a completely new cast.

Speaking on this occasion, Ram Gopal Varma said, “We have seen a huge number of movies made on the Rayalaseema faction. But then, I was planning for a long time to make a film on the vein of movies like 'Satya' and 'Company', with a realistic approach. Now, the script is geared up to be made in to a movie. We are going to make this movie posing an all new cast. The reason for casting new faces is that they will not have a prior image set upon them, and will give a fresh feel to the concept. Twin brothers Dharma – Raksha are debuting as the directors for this film.

‘Raktha Charithra’ is produced by One More Thoughts along with Zed 3 productions. The recent hit ‘Raksha’ was produced by the same duo who is joining hands once again for this next.

RGV answered a few questions on the meet that was held to unveil the logo of ‘Raktha Charithra’.

Is this film based on the assassination of Paritala Ravi?

Ram Gopal Varma said "Instead of me revealing this, watch the movie to know it yourself."

We have learnt that some research has been done on this topic, and you had met some factionists. You had also shared time with Maddi Cheruvu Suri with regards to this film.

RGV said that he did not meet any one of them.