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Rock On!! Music Review

Rock On!! Music Review
Farhan Akhtar,Prachi Desai,Arjun Rampal,Purab Kohli,Luke Kenny,Shahana Goswami,Koel Puri
Abhishek Kapoor
Farhan Akhtar,Ritesh Sidhwani
Farhan rocking right through
Saturday, July 12, 2008 • Hindi Comments

Farhan Akthar has always found a certain niche in Bollywood. Even with his very first flick, `Dil Chahta Hai' , he explored a realm explored by very few then. The movie and even its music courtesy Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy(S-E-L) was a rage. Then , Farhan went on to `Lakshya' by bringing out so much more from Hrithik followed by `Don' which was again rightfully up to the standards unlike other remakes.

Farhan Akthar works closely with people who are close to him be it S-E-L  or  old schoolmate of Manickchand Cooper School-Ritesh Sidwani. The two have established `Excel Entertainment' with an eye for good films and directors. After `Honeymoon Travels' comes their next `Rock On!' directed by Abhishek Kapoor .

Though Abhishek's first film `Aryan' wasn't a rage, this one sure is. Reasons-`Farhan Akhtar' now lends his voice for 6 tracks in the album and who would believe that he has not been a practicing musician. The album carries a true rock feel with lyrics by Javed Akhtar and lives up to the title.

`Socha Hai' opens with the pulsating electrifying guitar creating rhythm. Soon you hear a voice crooning that brings in an air of freshness. And if you are wondering whether this lad is yet another Pakistani discovery in India; you've got it absolutely wrong. Farhan Akhtar croons with excellence and you wonder whether he's been part of a rock band. The lyrics by Javed Akhtar seeps in with questions. `Aasaman hai neela kyon? Paani geela geela kyon? Gol kyon hai zameen?' `Amazing' is an understatement for this song.

Now comes more of Farhan with `Pichle Saath Dino Mein'. Ehsaan Noorani does it well with the guitar to give Farhan's sonorous voice the right pump. Javed Akhtar binds in fun filled lyrics with the rhyme scheme of `Laundry ka bill', `Chandi ka Ring'. Don't be surprised if for the next few weeks you'll be left humming `Nana na na Nana' after listening to this one. The live version too by Farhan is such a treat.

The title track `Rock On!' comes in with the pulsating theme of `Lakshya'. The tune has become more of the identity of `Excel Entertianment'. The track is a free-spirited rock number that speaks about life at a single glance and the concept of the second chance that life offers.This one is truly rocking and is soon headed to become the chant of generation next.

`Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein' comes across as a serene ballad number with Dominique Cerejo impressing with the very opening lines. The track slowly sinks into you and calls for a definite repeat value. The lyrics too are soothing. Another lovely track.

`Zehreelay' is a track that not many music directors would dare to explore. It takes you into the psychedelic realm and that too with Hindi. It just surprises you. New find Suraj Jaggan gives it all behind the mikes. This one is sure to find its place amongst the hard rock lovers.

`Tum Ho Toh' brings in Farhan once again for a soft rock enchanting experience. The lyrics are intensely romantic and prove to be the perfect track when in solitude.

`Sindbad The Sailor' brings across the long tales of Sindbad from our story books and Farhan narrates or rather sings it out to us. Raman Mahadevan of the `Hey Baby' title blends in well with Farhan. This one may not be the best piece of the album but is quite interesting and is sure to provide for some good visuals.

Caralisa Monteiro goes old-school with the acoustic piano and the box guitar creating an enchanting experience. `Phir Dekhiye' is not the finest piece of the album but the vocals and the lyrics draw you in.

`Rock On!' sums up to be a complete rocking experience and S-E-L ensure that this album lives up to the expectations and the title. Looks like they should add Farhan to the triumvirate. Don't just download the music, go ahead and purchase a collector's item. Worth it!

Rating : ****