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Rogue Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Sunday, April 2, 2017 • Kannada ]
Rogue Review
Tanvi Films
Ishan, Angela Krislinzk, Mannar Chopra, Abhy Singh Takur, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, Thulasi Shivamani
Poori Jagannadh
CR Manohar, Gopi
Sunil Kashyap

The ‘Rogue’ is robust in qualities. The debutant Ishan has come here to stay in filmdom. He has sharp eyes, angry looks, tall height and good in color. This youngster in the hands of top notch director Poori Jagannadh has done his best to get applaud. In action, and looks plus right way for a ‘Rogue’ dialogue delivery clinches in the first film. Poori Jagannadh has not taken the risk of excavating other areas of acting from this youngster. He has remained to the gallery and youths would love to see this youngster.

‘Rogue’ (Ishan) has hands of steel and heart of butter. It is the opportunism of others makes him ‘Rogue’. When he is at the deceiving end from Anjali (Angela) he fights tooth and nail in front of her engagement place. He beats up twenty plus cops and one of them is seriously injured. Rogue starts hating girls from then on but makes a small ‘Manthan’ (introspection) in mind that brings him to the house of severely injured cop. He decides to work for the family of injured cop on wheel chair. He is Rogue – does not care for anyone. He gives an honest service. In this house is another Anjali (Manar Chopra). The good work of Rogue brings her close to him. There comes the psycho who is connected to Rogue and Anjali.

Rogue had helped psycho (Abhay Singh Takur) when he breaks the jail and mention that he hates girls. Rogue is not aware of the past of psycho. To know the past of this psycho, it is Anjali who explains horrible mindset of him.

Now the stage is very precarious. Anjali wants elimination of psycho but Rogue wants Rs.10 lakhs for a good cause that is given by psycho on a condition. This condition is dangerous for Anjali and Rogue. What is the turn of events you have to watch on silver screen!

The six feet tall actor Ishan has promising debut. He is seen in romantic and action folds in this first film. Of course he is the ‘Apple’ of this film despite of two heroines Angela and Mannar Chopra. Heroism of protagonist is the main stay of this film. Abhay Takur is a strong actor and he has bombarded in his role.

Crisp editing of this 130 minutes ‘Rogue’ is what makes it watchable. No lengthy and boring scenes throughout the film. Commercial needs are fulfilled. There are a few lilting tunes from Sunil Kashyap a debutant. Angela and Mannar Chopra have one song each to showcase their beauty.

The cinematography of this film ‘Rogue’ is top class. Mukesh angles are absorbing. Action director gives able support for this film. A feast for action lovers – for the title Rogue, Ishan lives up to the expectations in his family banner of Tanvi Films.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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