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Romeo Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 7, 2012 • Kannada ]
Romeo Review
Ganesh, Bhavana, Rangayana Raghu, Sudha Belawadi, Avinash, Sadhi Kokila
Nayak R K
Naveen N, Ramesh Kumar
Arjun Janya

The cinema as a whole 'Romeo' is an assorted film from various Tamil films by PC Shekar. In building the character of the protagonist he miserably fails. According to the image of romantic hero this director fails to carve a character. Ganesh the master in dialogue delivery is given action, intoxication, begging for love - all aversion to the fans of Ganesh. He is able to delivery lively performance. It is seen only in parts in 'Romeo'.

What the image carries only has to be enhanced. It should not be brought down in the case of Ganesh and others. It is not time to do experiment with box office heroes in Kannada. The protagonist struggling and lying from the beginning till end is not a responsible move on the part of the director.

From the childhood Ganesh (Ganesh) is expert in uttering lies. He continues his habit everywhere. He is supported by his parents. He lives in very poor economic conditions. With difficulty he passes his graduation. His father somehow gets a job for Ganesha in a bank. In the opening day Ganesh is bowled over by the beauty of Shruthi (Bhavana) a regional manager in the bank. Ganesh is assigned the job under Shruthi. It becomes easy for Ganesh to convince Shruthi that he is a big shot. A lie after lies Ganesha builds up becomes an uphill task. Ganesh and Shruthi decide to marry. After marriage Shruthi ask Ganesha to take her to Dollar Colony Bungalow. The real colors of Ganesh opens up for Shruthi as Shruthi brought to a dilapidated house by Ganesh. Ganesh is under the impression that after marriage Shruthi would agree to live with him in horrible housing condition. That is not the idea of Shruthi. She sends the divorce papers to Ganesha. She is back to her father place.

It is a realization for Ganesha now. He jumps up in his status. Shruthi looking at his growth says it is wrong to come back after this status in him. Ganesha meeting with an accident on the way to see Shruthi leaving to USA changes all the calculations of the audience. Another big lie from Ganesha family this time brings together Ganesha and Shruthi. Utter lie whenever necessary says the slogan of the film.

For the image of Ganesh 'Romeo' is partly good - some of the development he is part is not in good tune to his image. Bhavana looks glamorous in songs. In the song Alochana Aradhane..she is very pretty. Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila the 'Wit' masters in dialogues conquer major attention. It is sometime more than the hero Ganesh. Sudha Belawadi as mother has given good support to the 'lying' trio in the family.

Arjun Janya in the music has given mixture of pep and melody. Swalpa finance swalpa for fans. Simple Aagi Helthini OK, baitu bed for the oldies, for all is melody number Alochane Aradhane..

Vaidhi in his camera has done a splendid work. He is too good in framings. Nataraj dialogue is OK for the first half.

This is a time pass cinema.

Score - 6/10 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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