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Rush Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 27, 2012 • Hindi ]
Rush Review
Emraan Hashmi, Neha Dhupia, Sagarika Ghatge, Aditya Pancholi
Shamin Desai, Priyanka Desai
Percept Picture Company

The promos had pretty much indicated that the lead protagonist (Emraan Hashmi) would be getting into a similar trap as Kunal Khemu had in 'Blood Money'.

 However one has to admit that latter had much more compelling plot in comparison and also had far more twists and turns. Moreover, for all talks of 'Rush' being a stylised product, it comes across more as a result of editing and background score than the actual way in which the scenes had been shot. Moreover, even though it is stated as being 'ahead of it's times', neither does it make you glued on to the screen nor does it seem that it would have four years back.

In fact even the beginning, though established at a rapid pace, gets a little confusing. The reason for Emraan's firing from office isn't convincing and even stranger is the manner in which he is hired by Neha Dhupia for Aditya Pancholi who wishes to be a media baron. Moreover, even though the man at the hot seat says that he is being aggressive about running breaking news since he wishes to teach someone a lesson, that 'someone' never even surfaces. Later in the film, a stray angle of a 'desi' don is also thrown in which comes out of nowhere and doesn't add any value to the plot.

Moreover, the whole seductress angle played by Neha, though done convincingly, seems needless. There is never a point in the film when Emraan does something because he was getting the services of Neha in return; he was anyways content with his aggressive job profile and hence didn't really require any temptation to do well. Moreover Sagarika, playing Emraan's girlfriend, just comes and goes and it appears as if the couple hardly had any communication channel left between them. Neither do you see any love between the two nor any actual conflict, hence making it all appear as way too casual.

No wonder, in the later stages of the film, one stops caring about what happens to the protagonists. Moreover the whole kidnapping drama is not even stretched; it also leads to no culmination whatsoever, what with everyone back to square one after around 15-20 minutes of running around. Later, a sting operation turns out to be the most convenient way to wrap it up all which brings the film further down. Wait, there is more. Emraan runs the sting operation tape back on the same channel from which he was fired before and this time around the management seems to have no issues whatsoever!

There are various such points in the film that make one wonder what exactly was the vision behind making 'Rush' except for the fact around 'making news' (so as to be number one in the business) being revealed. Even that is shown to be as simple as a walk in the park and it appears as if police and administration is not even acknowledging the turn of events, leave aside deciding to take an action.

In the middle of this all the movie still can be given a really patient watch only due to a couple of reasons. First and foremost are performances by Emraan Hashmi and Neha Dhupia who show some real conviction in playing the part though on paper, it all sounds way too far fetched. This isn't one of those bad boy parts that Emraan is playing in the film as he is shown as someone innocent with a conscience caught in a situation. On the other hand Neha plays her part well and though there isn't any seduction happening (except for a song in the first half that is totally forced), her body language and dialogue delivery is fine.

One expected a lot more meat in Aditya Pancholi's part but neither is it forceful nor menacing. In fact one longs for a powerhouse war of words between him and Emraan but that never happens. Moreover, one expected a much more stylish presentation of one of the best looking people in the business. Sagarika Ghatge hardly has any part to play in the film and even she doesn't get any confrontation scene with Emraan that could have led to some zing in her characterisation. While Murli Sharma does bring on an occasional style, Rahul Singh hams it up

A few years back came Amitabh Bachchan starrer 'Rann' which said a thing or two about the functioning of media. A much layered product by Ram Gopal Varma, it couldn't really do well at the box office despite finding some good appreciation coming its way. Alas, but 'Rush' won't be enjoying any such luck since it has a paper thin storyline with the kind of graph and overall execution that doesn't even entertain much, leave aside many jerks that one finds in the narrative.

Rating: **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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