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Sagar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 11, 2012 • Kannada ]
Sagar Review
Prajwal, Haripriya, Sanjjaana, Radhika Pandit, Devgill, Avinash, Sharat Lohitashva, Kishori Ballal
MD Sridhar
Sagar - Story & Dialogues

A film from the banner of Ramu Enterprises is always curiously watched. That is because of reputation it has earned in the commercial flicks. This one `Sagar' with a story from KS Kumar is absorbing at parts. It has a good screenplay and the need was to showcase the power of young Prajwal as he indulged in deadly action scenes in the film. It is hard to believe this Dynamic Prince of Kannada cinema in such action portions. To make audience to believe that he can take on action, at least strengthen the role so that power is acquired for screen life. A simple exercise that senior director MD Sridhar has forgotten to add.


Otherwise it is a good pack for the family audience. There is good care from the family, beautiful looking three heroines, Prajwal as romantic boy - a liar boy in this film is easily passable, Gurukiran and Krishnakumar in music and cinematography raises the level of the film `Sagar'.


Hailing from an aristocrat industrialist Rajasekhara Murthy family Sagar (Prajwal) is forced to utter a lie that he is in love with Kajal. That is when the marriage is fixed with him and Priyanka (Haripriya). Unless both fall in love, it is impossible to marry is what both decide. To keep this marriage away Sagar comes up with an idea from his friend in Australia. Accordingly Kajal (Radhika Pandit) arrives at the house of Sagar surprising him suddenly. The family sentiment agrees for this lie of Sagar. What happens next is the action portion because Kajal is followed by international don Sonu (Dev Gill). How Sagar saves Kajal and accept her is the remaining portion of the film.


Prajwal suits well as romantic hero. Radhika Pandit deserved some more scope to act. She is very fine in the given role. Haripriya looks more glamorous than all. Why is this touch and go role of Sanjaana who has excellent screen presence?


The terror is more from Sharat Lohitashva than Dev Gill of Magadheera fame. Gurukiran dubbed for Dev Gill is OK. Avinash, Vinayaprasad, Swayamvara Chandru render good support.


Modhale Eke Sigalilla a fine melody from Gurukiran. There are two other peppy tunes. Krishna Kumar cinematography gives a feast to the eyes in every frame. PR Sounder Rajan in editing has worked hard to give difference in his work.


This is a family `Dekko' film.


Score 7.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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