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Sai Madhav Burra on 'NTR' dialogues, Balakrishna & more

Saturday, December 29, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Sai Madhav Burra on NTR dialogues, Balakrishna & more

Sai Madhav Burra, the dialogue writer of 'NTR' biopic movies, says in this interview that writing for the movie has given him so much pleasure.  Catch him talk about NT Rama Rao, Balakrishna, working with Krish, writing for Rajamouli's RRR movie and more.  

No research was needed

You don't have to make a separate study and research on NT Rama Rao garu.  Such things happen like a flow.  I have written about him for myself for years.  It has been my life's work to know about the great man.  I have grown up admiring him and watching the movies of Chiranjeevi garu and Balakrishna garu.  

Significant events alone matter

Every story has its soul.  Lakhs of incidents happen in a person's life.  Only those which are relevant for the society should be shown in a biopic.  That's what has been done in the 'NTR' biopic movies.  There are several curious things about his life.  People don't know about them.  

A bipartisan movie

I am confident that 'NTR' biopic movies can't dissatisfy the audience.  As for the film upsetting some sides, NTR garu's fight was not against any party or political family.  His life was like an ocean.  He fought against Delhi (Centralization).  You don't have to make a biopic to besmirch the subject's enemies.  The purpose of the 'NTR' movies is purely to propagate about his great life.  

Ignore negative aspects 

NTR garu was a 'vijetha'.  He was the change.  Many of his schemes and policies are still being followed.  He never knew corruption.  It's wrong to highlight negative things (in a biopic) when so many positives are there in an overwhelming number about a person.  For example, we will want to take only the best things from Mahatma Gandhi.  Did 'Gandhi' (biopic) show all his negatives?  

Gave my everything for 'NTR'

The two parts were shot in about 70 days.  I have been writing for the movie continuously.  I have tried to write my best.  I have given my 'pranam' for writing this.  The dialogues have come out wonderfully.  Whatever I wrote, it would first be vetted by Krish garu.  Only then would it be forwarded to Balakrishna garu.  There is always scope for improvement.  Maybe, I would have written better lines for 'Kanche' and 'Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum' now.  I never thought 'Samayam ledu mitrama' will become a signature punch line from 'Gautamiputra Satakarni'.  So, let me see what will become the signature line in 'NTR'.  

Balayya Babu was like NTR

You will feel as if Rama Rao garu himself is talking.  Seeing Balakrishna garu, I was moved to tears several times on set of the movie.  He is very much like his father.  He definitely has given his inputs since, being a son, he knows many things about NTR garu's life.

No distortion of the truth

NTR garu's movies were wonders.  Only the most important ones from one or another perspective have been shown in 'Kathanayakudu'.  CSR garu, Relangi garu and other stalwarts are there in the movie.  Besides, I have got to write lines for Chandrababu Naidu garu and YSR garu as well (in 'Mahanayakudu').  We have shown incidents as they happened.  There is no intention to offend anybody.  The movies are from the audience's point of view.  There is no distortion of facts.  We are not telling any lies.  Every incident would have two perspectives from two different people.  We have tried to include them to the extent possible. 

Wrote on set

I had to be at the location to write for this movie.  It's not possible to write any and everywhere at times.  In the case of this film, I had no opportunity to write in the comfort of my home.  

On RRR movie dialogues

The dialogues for RRR movie are coming out remarkably well.  They are amazing.  

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