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Salman Khan doesn't want to host Bigg Boss
Monday, October 28, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Bhai is really angry. The ‘Dabangg’ superstar said to have went enough is enough on being enraged with Bigg Boss 7 contestant Kushal Tandol’s rude behaviour towards Tanisha Mukherjee.

Salman Khan scolded Tandol for insulting Tanisha in one of the episodes last week and owing to such incident he showed his disinterest to host the next season of Bigg Boss, stating that this might be his season for him.

Not only on small screen, Salman continued to express his ire on micro-blogging site. He said that he won’t tolerate bad behaviour against women; be it ladies within home or outside. Stating that there is more to the matter than just one hour which viewers saw, Salma wrote, "You see an hour, I see the whole deal. Guess some of you guys may not react when some one speaks to female members of your family or women in that manner. "But I do not. Most of us men and women stand up against men who run them down."