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'Oh Baby' has got all the ingredients: Samantha

Thursday, July 4, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Oh Baby has got all the ingredients: Samantha

Ahead of the release of 'Oh Baby' on July 5, Samantha Akkineni talks about the movie, her role in it, why it was difficult to do, how Rajendra Prasad contributed to her acting and more.  Catch her talk about having to refute pregnancy rumours and future projects.  

You have been promoting the film passionately.  You have been touring places and giving interviews.  What is the reason?

This is one of the most special movies in my career.  I have this urge to make as many people to watch this movie as I can.  That's why I am very careful about promotions.  Before this, 'Majili' was so special because it was my first movie with Naga Chaitanya since our marriage.

You recently paid pilgrimage to Tirumala.  It has been said that you are sentimental about visiting the holy town ahead of a film release.  Is it true?

I used to visit Tirumala just before the release of a film starring Chaitanya.  This is the first time that I visited the place before the release of my movie.  'Oh Baby' has come out really well.  But, no matter how good the product is, for a heroine to pull the crowds is not as easy as it is for star heroes like Mahesh Babu, NTR and Allu Arjun.  I am going all out of my way to promote the film.  I can guarantee that everyone will love to watch the movie at least once.  The teaser and trailer have already touched the audience.  

Films like this one are rare.  How was it doing it?

Heroine-oriented movies are usually thrillers or social dramas.  'Oh Baby' is different but it also has a message for everyone.  The story has been told in an entertaining fashion, through comedy.  It's a heart-touching movie.  That's why this one is so special.  There is comedy, there is sentiment, there are other commercial values.

This one is a remake.  Was it a difficult experience?

This is not just any other remake.  This one is the seventh remake of 'Miss Granny'.  Since we are not the first ones to remake it, we were extremely careful.  We didn't just buy the remake rights and do the film to suit our nativity.  We found out why the scenes are the way they are in the original.  

How was it doing comedy scenes?  Was it difficult, given that you haven't played such a full-fledged character in your career?

I have done emotional scenes, romantic scenes and dances in my movies.  But comedy is a different ball game for me.  It's easy to watch comedy and enjoy it.  But those who do it are drained of their energy by the end of the day.  I know it very well.  Rajendra Prasad garu taught me comedy on set.  I learned how to land punches in comedy scenes directly from him.  The scenes with him are top-notch.

What kind of homework did you do to play the role of a granny?

I don't have the memories of growing up with my grandparents.  That's why I had to go to an old-age home to observe old people.  I spent time with them.  I observed that old people behave like children!  That observation helped me a lot.

Oh Baby has got all the ingredients: Samantha

How was it working with veteran actress Lakshmi?

I don't have any scenes with her.  But I have taken my own lessons by observing her.  I adapted her expressions.  Even otherwise, I have been in the character.  The other day, I went to a place with some industry friends.  When I saw the pics, I noticed that my body language in them is much like my character's in 'Oh Baby'.  Chinmayi was telling me that I am yet to come out of the mania of playing the character.  She has dubbed for me in the Godavari slang for my role.  

How was it working with Nandini Reddy?

I have known her since many years.  She mingles easily with everyone.  She has been untouched by the industry and has remained pure even after all these years.  People call her 'Lady director' but I hope such sexist language will be passe soon.  We 7-8 women have worked on the film and we never caused any delay in the shoot.  We were conscious that we have to live up to the demands of the project.

A huge cut-out of yours has been put up at Devi Theatre in Hyderabad.  How does it feel?

Collections are important, not things like this one.  'U-Turn' was complimented by one and all but the collections didn't reach our expectations.  

You are often asked about pregnancy.  You have scoffed at pregnancy rumours yourself.  What thoughts cross your mind when you have to refute such rumours?

I don't mind. I often ask my friends about their plans regarding children.  By God's grace, I have the freedom to choose.  I am able to say no to pregnancy for a year or so.  Such kind of freedom was not there for my mother or grandmother.  

Is there any director with whom you want to work?

I like the way Sekhar Kammula garu portrays actresses.  I want to work with him once.

Have you got any plans to direct or produce movies?

I have no plans to turn a director but I want to produce movies.  I will give preference to scripts that give primacy to women's issues.

It seems you like doing remakes a lot?  What other films are you doing currently?  

I never planned it but it is happening that way.  '96' is the other remake that I am doing in Telugu.  I have a small role in 'Manmadhudu-2'.  Other projects will be announced soon.

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