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'Sammohanam' is a sensitive, special story: Aditi Rao Hydari

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Sammohanam is a sensitive, special story: Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari debuts in Telugu with 'Sammohanam'.  Ahead of its release on June 15, she talks about the film, her role, working with Mani Ratnam on two films so far, and more.  

How was it playing an actress on the silver screen?

It was so good.  I have always watched Hollywood films with such roles.  I have been an actress for several years now.  But I was never conscious about how I am on the sets, etc.  After 'Sammohanam', I have changed.  

Actors have to live the emotions which are not theirs.  It's not an easy thing to do.  One has to appreciate their efforts.  An actress shouldn't be seen as flesh and blood.  One has to see the heart behind the physical person.  The audience has to see her as one among their own.  As far as I am concerned, I see men and women as the same.  That's how I was brought up.  But if you bring up your child with the sense that girls are inferior, no change can take place within that person.  

You were seen in films like 'Cheliyaa' and 'Padmaavat' as a heroine and as a character artiste.  Are you game doing character roles when you are a female lead yourself?

There is nothing wrong with that.  I am a heroine.  But I am still an artiste.  I wish to work with certain people.  So, I listen to the story first.  And if I love the story, other things become secondary.  Working with Mani Ratnam sir was my dream.  And I am doing my second film ('Nawab') with him.  I also want to work with Sekhar Kammula, Mysskin and Gautham Menon.  

How has it been working with Mani Ratnam?

He is a mentor, a teacher.  There is none like him when it comes to bringing out the talent in you.  He keeps you from losing your way.  

How did 'Sammohanam' fall into place for you?

Indraganti garu happened to call me up and told me the story in five lines.  I then decided to listen to the entire story.  As he narrated the story, I was glued the way children would be are while listening to the story told by their elders.  I liked the script a lot.  I adjusted my dates for this film although I didn't have the call sheets.  It's a very sensitive film.  There is a specialty about the film's love story.  I approached it with greater care than ever.  I didn't have to stress myself too much, though.  Everybody was very cooperative.  

How was it dubbing for the movie?  Did you find it difficult?

My ancestors used to speak both Urdu and Telugu at home.  But I never got to learn Telugu.  I was into learning dancing, singing, etc.  I see myself as a proud Hyderabadi.  I am not saying it just because I am here in Hyderabad today.  I have always been proud of this place.  I learned Telugu for 'Sammohanam'.  It was great dubbing for my character.

'Cheliyaa' didn't do well.  Were you down because of that?

I got to work with the director of my dream.  Can there be anything bigger than that?  The film didn't work in Telugu, but it did work in Tamil.  I don't remember negative things.  I pick up only positive things.  I am happy to be doing my second film with Mani Ratnam sir.  I am participating in the film's shooting during nights.  Daytime, I am learning rope works for Sankalp Reddy's film.  I am playing an astronaut in it.

You seem to be a real hard worker!

I really work hard because my parents have always said that I should prove myself, no matter what my background is.  I work hard and respect others.  I expect others to respect me.  We have to respect ourselves so others too will do so.