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Sandwich Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, October 19, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Sandwich Review
Kunchacko Boban, Ananya, Richa Pallod
MS. Manu
MC. Arun, Sajeev Madhavan
Jayan Pisharadi

Not every time, you may find sandwiches tasty enough for a second go. It all depends on how they are made and preserved. In another case of interesting stories getting lost when translated to celluloid, is debutante director M S Manu's 'Sandwich' which is indeed very interesting on paper. But with little ability  to keep the viewer hooked, `Sandwich'   never stretch a story beyond a point. Instead the movie banks on a couple of shabby jokes to keep its viewers entertained, which misfires terribly.
The movie has Kunchacko Boban as Sai, a hi-profile software engineer who is currently acknowledged as the best in their payrolls of his big MNC. Betrothed to another techie Shruthy, Sai and his friends lead a happy-go lucky life. After a small party on a Friday, Sai rushes home to join his parents for dinner, but in the way happens to hit another car, killing the driver. Very soon Sai realizes that he has actually killed a dreaded criminal of the city who was the main accused in many police cases. The goon's younger brother Murugan( Vijyakumar) now starts to follow Sai in the belief that he is the men of their enemy Andipetty Naykkar and has knowingly killed his brother. Naykkar, on the other hand warmly welcomes Sai and starts protecting him and even offers to marry him to his only daughter. Sandwiched between two goons and two girls, Sai plots plans to escape from the difficult situation he is in.
The biggest problem with the movie is that the writer Ratheesh Sukumaran seems clueless when it comes to doing justice to the subject material, which could have been a taut edge-of-the-seat thriller. Now in his attempts to lighten up the proceedings, he brings up actors like Suraj as Naykkar and it becomes a tame, bland and amateurish attempt, with the sequences leading to the finale and also the conclusion, throwing a spanner in the works. And we don't never really get into the helplessness that the lead man is facing all through. Almost all the characters in the flick lack life and the melodrama is visibly distracting. 
The technical sides of the movie are better than the content with Pradeep Nair attempting some good visuals and Don Max, trying hardly to push the   non-happening and deficient scripts moving. Talking of songs (music by jayan Pisharaody) the film has an average soundtrack and the three songs, though choreographed well, appear forced in the narrative.

In the acting side, Kunchakko  Boban has not much to do and  go for a poor selection of roles as  his character too is inconsistent. Richa Palot as Sai's fellow software engineer Shruthy fails to act naturally and goes overboard most of the times.  Ananya as Naykkar's daughter Kanmani plays to the demand of her minuscule role. The only actor who has got a demanding role is Vijayakumar who is for the first time cast in a comic character, which he plays to perfection. Indrans and Co are unbearable at times with their petty attempts on creating laughter.
'Sandwich' is essentially for that kunchakko Boban lovers, and for others there is little  that this flick can offer.

Rating 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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