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Sanjjanaa Galrani flaunts tattoo, issues an emotional statement

Tuesday, July 6, 2021 • Telugu Comments

It's known that Sanjjanaa Galrani has been married to Dr. Azeez Pasha, a vascular surgeon from Bengaluru. The actress today, in an emotional statement, described him as a true lover and a father-like figure who has always been there for her for the past 15 years.

The multi-lingual actress flaunted a tattoo on her neck. She said that the tattoo is intimate and extremely personal. In a heartfelt tone, Sanjjanaa suggested that the customized tattoo is close to her heart because it is all about her husband.

In her statement, the 'Bujjigaadu' star said that she has been linked up with men who are just friends in her life. She spoke of how she was once linked up with a Rakhi brother by gossip-mongers. "Without any evidence, these people declare someone as my sugar daddy boyfriend. Even a brother seen in public with an actress becomes her so-called boyfriend. How badly I feel! This is mentally disturbing," the actress observed.

Sanjjanaa further lamented that irresponsible gossip-writers say that a friendship has gone out of control when a famous actor, politician or cricketer becomes an actress' friend/well-wisher. "It's sad that they come up with a hundred different versions without a shred of evidence. They cheapen a relationship always," she added.

Towards the end of her statement, the actress sounded relieved that she has found true love in Azeez. "Therefore, here is a part of “My body” where I dedicate it to the man I love," Sanjjanaa wrote, flaunting her tattoo.

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