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Sarcastic Samiyar: Fascism controversy, Petrol-Diesel price hike, article 377...

Quote of the week:

"Nan vanthutenu solu, thirumba vanthutenu solu… 20 years munadi epadi arasiyal ku varuvenu soneno athey mathiri vanthutenu solu" - Petta

Value of 85rs then Vs now:

Before, when you could travel from Chengalpetu to Vadapalani to drink at Kamakshi wines.

Now, you could just reach Velachery and settle for Elite Tasmac.

Before, exchange and get $1.5 dollar,

Now, exchange and maybe get one pillayar pithala dollar.

Before, meals for two at Saravana Bhavan,

Now, 2 hour parking charge at Malls.

Pakistan cries for its terrorists:

Pakistan’s non-functional humanitarian department is in its dire state. The country that has zero tolerance towards violence on innocent children and people living across the Line Of Comedy is expected to suffer a demand vs supply situation. Earlier US used to fund money to Pakistan for anti-terrorism, now they have stopped it. Without this $300 million aid, Paki Gov will unable to launder money for the terrorist organizations. The country is looking at alternative resources to steam its propaganda, they are currently studying Hindutva methodologies to invoke fear as it has reaped success in India by Lynching, raping and other vulgar means.

Two sides of fascists:

Two sides of stories always, take progress report for example – to you it means you were not able to copy well from your friend, for your father it means you failed inspite of him shelling 500rs for tuitions. So the airport issue last week was a learning to both of them; the doctor madam who could have just ignored the Fascist remark, instead she thought to make the demonetized party famous by giving away press meets, tweets, fb posts, viral marketing and what more. And then there was this girl who apart from doing her research in Canada is also doing research on how to get famous in 15 minutes. So while this could have been settled quietly, TN police is like that uninvited friend for treat. They come and put her in jail for what? Raising slogans? Itha thana all political thalaivars doing with mike? Ada ponga, I am an urbannaxal after all.

Delhi constructs new sky scraper:

Move over Burj Khalifa, Empire state building or Eiffel tower. Our country will soon be the first to construct a sky scraper using scraped and waste resources. Yes, Delhi’s Garbage dump is now just 8 meters short of reaching Qutub Minar’s altitude. Once this is achieved, progress will be ten-fold. Schemes like Swacch Bharat which focuses on how to take selfie while cleaning tissue papers in toilet and post on FB are one of the reasons for the garbage dump growth as per various Gov officials who take care of the waste management. India hai, vallarasu hai.

When Harry met Harry, Sally met Sally

 377, that's the word on everyone now. When SC squashed and legalised same sex love, while cinema industry poured support; why ? Because they no longer have to rely on just heroe romancing heroine. Any ways most of the creative directors have heroines only for skin show or running around bush, so now all they have to do is pick a nice looking Chap and get the hero stalking behind for a duet. What song should they sing ? ' nerrupu Da... Or nethu oruthara oruthara parthom'? Either way we can now expect Karan Johar to take kal ho Na ho with SRK doing both hero and heroine role.