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Sarcastic Samiyar's take on Mallaya's costly requests, VIP Troll gates and Nayanthara's stalking!

Saturday, September 1, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Quote of the week : " This is the week of WANT, Mallya wants a 5 star prison, VIP's want separate Toll Gate, Rupee wants more dollar, Petrol wants more Rupee, We want more Bigg Boss… Naragam, surely Naragam than"

Gov invites tender for High class prisoners:

Probably the prayers and wishes of various kudikarans around the country has come true, they were all worried if Vijaya Mallaya was arrested that would mean the end of kingfisher. He ensured the legacy is kept intact. The liquor samrat also complained that Indian Jails are smelly, rotten, full of third class criminals without proper facilities. He has in fact formed an elite league of protestors (including Nirav Mod) who will rally for 5 star prison facilities. The kind Government has acknowledged the plight of this man child and have invited tenders from various star hotels to design prisons with lush interiors, community halls, meeting rooms and jaguar western toilets so that they feel they are at home. While some may say that a criminal deserves to be put in a place where he repents his mistakes, Gov officials argues that while criminals can become politicians, why can't criminals be given good facilities for them to plot something bigger? Nyayamana kelvi.

Time to wake up fans says 3:40 am actor:

Few years back movie marketing was different level, it was entirely dependent on nagging house wives who wanted to take their husbands for a matinee; also those youngsters who passed on the word of a sakila movie playing in local theatre, only 12pm show. Then came the vanoli potti that needs tuning, and then the turn of idiot box. Finally came social media and more refined: FB and Twitter. Initially, it was easier for producers to launch just the teaser, updates without needing any anchors. Then started the trend of releasing first looks during the time of midnight masala at 12:00 am. Now in a step further, one leading actor who never shows his original Uppu and Milagu face to media released the first look for his upcoming V movie at 3:40 am. Yes, the auspicious time of 3:40 am when even NKPK medulla oblongata would have gone to sleep. When asked the reason, they said fans need to be alert, always when something new is launched the opposite team troll them, so 3:40 am the brain will not work and no trolls will happen. Brilliant!

Toll Gates or Troll Gates for VIP:

Our VIP's are bigger and larger than life. They lead a busy life of gambling, cheating, and scheming. To fulfil such hectic requirements it’s the duty of our law forces, Government, office goers, bus, lorry, share autos and everyone else to step aside and wait for them to pass when they rush for work. Recently the court asked why Judges and VIP’s were not given separate toll and rather made to wait like everyone else in queue in Toll. Two confusing questions; 1. Why are the toll gates within the city limits, 2. Why can’t they wait? For 1st question if I answer they will call me Aunty’s Indian, there are several answers for the 2nd question; its because they might need to go to bathroom urgently, or maybe from childhood they didn’t develop the art of patience, chances that they want to catch the re-telecast of episode of Bigg Boss or simply because they are PRIVILEGED.

Lady Superstar follows Vijay Sethupathi :

Vijay Sethupathi is an inspiration no doubt, he came from nowhere to become everywhere. We see him often, to an extent that in 2017 several movies released back to back confusing us which movie of VS are we watching. Now Lady Superstar is following the trend by releasing back to back movies. Now if this is not stalking, what else is?