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Sarkar Colony Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, September 26, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Sarkar Colony Review
Amritha productions
Mukesh, Devayani
V S Jayakrishna
R Rajeev Thampi
Sarkar Colony


Malayalees are infamous for taking risks, investing in schemes which promise them instant returns even without thinking the logic behind the working of the schemes. And lakhs of Keralities had been regular prey to such schemes, money chains and MLM's that sprout up like anything. V.S Jayakrishna's 'Sarkar Colony' is one take on the life of a few government servants living in a housing colony, who are ever ready to attempt  some other side business to earn a few more bucks to their bank balance.

'Sarkar Colony' has Mukesh as Shivaramakrishnan, who is a clerical staff in the PWD. As his wife (Devayani) happens to be his superior at office, he takes liberty to jump out of the office chores and engage himself in a MLM run by Jagathy Sreekumar's character curiously named as 'Pi Pu Pa Pi', which promises heavy dividends. He also brings in maximum of his colony members in the various legs of the schemes, by showing the generosity of the MLM Company offering cars, tour packages and hefty cheques to their clients. His wife is heavily opposing her husband's attempts on making easy money. And by the interval we are made to note of the devastating consequences of the MLM's as Shivaramakrishanan and his friends are in the run for their money, and the MLM owner' and even their websites sinking without a trace. Even after being in such calamitous consequences, Shivaramakrishanan still makes another try to prove worthy before his wife and relatives by running a kindergarten school named 'Daddy's day care', which proves to be even more pathetic affair than their earlier endeavours..

The movie essentially had a good thread and message which could have itself made a good view. But the script writer V C Ashok, in his attempt to appease more families loses the plot just after the midway and it does an about-turn and touches the ebb, wandering around silly jokes and melodrama. The serious issue has been tackled sloppily, unsympathetically and amateurishly and for this reason, it comes across as an exercise in boredom. The characters appear devoid of life and the staging of the material is evident all through.

The arrival of Suraj venjaramoodu as Babykunju, the caretaker of the children adds to the woes of the narratives. The attempts to create comedy out of kids and the group dance song punched in the later half is more than bearable, making viewers to look for the exit. The very regular climax with really low surprises also adds to the pitfalls of the movie. V S Jayakrishna's first independent affair as a director falls flat  , as he hasn't been able to crate a watchable movie  from an interesting thread and even the talented actors in the cast fail to redeem the enterprise.

All the senior artists in the cast including Mukesh, Jagadheesh, Ashokan and Devayani are consistent in their regular acts, with really nothing demanding them to do any kind of diversity. The technical sides including camera work by Saloo George and music department by MG Sreekumar fails to add to the merits of the movie.

With a poor script and execution that reminds us of the movies of the nineties, 'Sarkar Colony' may not offer any interesting watch for general viewers. At the best, the movie may end up as an average earner at the Box office.

Rating: 3/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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