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Sathya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 21, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Sathya Review
Shehnas Movie Creations
Jayaram, Parvathy Nambiar, Roma Asrani, Sudheer Karamana, Rahul Dev, Vinod Kumar
Feros Saheed
Gopi Sunder

A so called mass action entertainer movie where we have to search ardently for mass or action or entertainment, ‘Sathya’ is another miss for Jayaram. Diphan did make an impact with ‘Puthiyamukham’ and action is his comfort zone. But he has failed to create anything of worth with ‘Sathya’. Writer A K Sajan has written a movie which hardly makes for an interesting watch.

There are too many things that go against the movie. The making style itself is outdated and Diphan seems to have sidestepped his creativity. The script is flawed beyond redeem. All those attempts at a cool persona fall flat and Jayaram’s antics only worsen the feel. With such a bad platform, the actors have not been able to do anything to salvage the situation. Parvathy is passably good and Roma does look good in songs. But even the songs are out of place and the movie stretches a plot that is patchy at best.

The story does have promising elements. But Sajan has not been able to capitalise on it nor has Diphan been able to create something out of it. Jayaram plays a rummy player Sathya who is exceedingly good at the game. There are some incidents that happen that makes him go in search of a girl named Rosy (Roma) who is a dancer. The journey takes him to various places including Puducherry. There is also Milan (Parvathy) who is a daring young girl. The reasons for the journey and the culmination of it, is shown in the narrative. In the middle of it is Sathya’s love life and his heroisms which does nothing for us to root for him.

The movie’s narrative style of flashbacks and jumps in time is unappealing. All those ‘mass’ dialogues are laughable. A sensible script fails the movie on the whole. Jayaram sports a rough look but a weak characterization makes him look jaded and out of place. Also he has not been able to flex his muscles in those fight sequences. It is a wonder why Jayaram goes out of his way to choose movies like this which offers him nothing. The villain character has also been handled shabbily. Saju Novadya is good in the comic department. Aju Varghese has a cameo .

Technically too the movie lacks perfection. All those slow motion walks and fights by the editing department just test our patience. Camera too pans unnecessary things especially in the climax sequence. Songs are out of place and BGM is passable. And there are places where we feel a lack of continuity in the scripting.

Though this is a short movie, by the time ‘Sathya’ ends we would have run out of patience. This one is an aimless movie that can be given a miss.

Rating: 1.5 / 5.0

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