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Sauda - The Deal Preview

Sauda - The Deal Peview
Sanjay Kapoor, Vijay Oberoi,Aryan Vaid, Sameer,Preeti Jhangiani
Jai Prakash

Sauda - The Deal

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Producer director Jai Prakash started made his directorial debut with 'Saajan Ki Baahon Mein' exactly a decade back in 1995. The movie starred Rishi Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Tabu and Sumeet Saigal and was unique in its own way as it was a quadrangular love story rather than a conventional love triangle. Taking cue from his debut venture, Jai Prakash comes up with yet another quadrangular love story, this time with an angle of sex and obsession thrown in and names it "Sauda - The Deal". With an element of Hollywood blockbuster 'Indecent Proposal', Sauda has been shot in quick time and is due for release soon. Jai Prakash ropes in some of his regular actors like Aryan Vaid, Preeti Jhangiani and Suman Rangnathan with Sanjay Kapoor playing the chief protagonist whose DEAL changes the lives of everyone forever. Shakti Kapoor, Makrand Deshpandey, Sayaji Shinde and Ravi Kishan play supporting roles.

Sameer [Aryan Vaid] and Devika [Preeti Jhangiani] are married to each other. Inspite of their middle class setting, they are happy in their lives with immense love for each other. Both Sameer and Devika are professionals and while Devika is an upcoming painter, Sameer is a highly educated personality who feels he is not getting what he richly deserves. He dreams of going higher up the ladder and actively works towards pursuing his dreams. In each and every step of his, he is supported by his dutiful wife Devika.

Sameer also has the support of his loyal friend Monica [Suman Rangnathan] who belongs to the Page 3 variety and has the right contacts at the right places in Mumbai due to her modeling assignments that help her make in-roads into the lives of the high profile. She does have a soft corner for Sameer though and that's because she has been in love with him for all these years, in fact since the college days. Though the marriage of Sameer with Devika made her adjust to the situation, she still hasn't gotten over her feelings for Sameer. This is where the third angle in the silent love triangle sets in.

To make matters more complicated and interesting arrives Vijay Oberoi, a business tycoon, who flies from one place to another in choppers and believes in getting what he wants [now aren't all millionaires supposed to be of the same kinds?]. In one of his visits to a painting exhibition, he comes across Devika and this is where the seeds of lust, passion and obsession are sown. He wants to possess her at all cost, even if that's momentary, and doesn't hesitate in paying any price for that. Now this is where the fourth factor comes in that completes the love quadrangle.

What viewers get to see is a couple blissfully in love whose lives may just get disrupted due to two powerful individuals who have a fixation for them. The story moves on with Sameer trying to get a solid foothold professionally and in this endeavor of his, he is supported by Monica who promises to use her contacts to get him started. Since she has access to the rich and famous of Mumbai, she approaches Vijay Oberoi for the financial support to help Sameer out.

This is where the 'sauda' happens ! A DEAL is offered - Sameer could get what all he wants but in the return Vijay wants Devika. Monica is obviously taken aback by this bizarre offer but soon feels elated at the very thought of hurting Devika . She sees this as the right opportunity to take revenge from Devika since she had got married to Sameer instead of her.

That's the 'sauda' that would effect everyone's life!

Will Devika agree to the offer and get her husband's dreams fulfilled and in return sell her body and soul? Will Sameer tolerate this deal to fulfill his ambitions by selling his love? Will all of Vijay Oberoi's wealth help him satisfy his obsession? Will Monica's revengeful act still get what she had always craved for i.e. Sam