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School Master Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 23, 2010 • Kannada ]
School Master Review
Dr Vishnuvaradhan, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Avinash, Baby Shreya
Dinesh Baboo
CR Manohar
V Sridhar

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alteration! This film `School Master' release timing is just after 20 plus days of death of the magnificent actor of Kannada cinema Dr Vishnuvaradhan is haunting as unknowingly some of the scenes and dialogues are like bidding good bye to the world. For the dead child his callings `don't call it as body' and `this is my last coffee' audience relates it to the real life of the actor. Even the lyrics in the songs are closely connected to the demise of Dr Vishnuvaradhan. `Badige Mane Baalu' line in the song - life is on a rented house is so real too!

The packaging of `School Master' is well measured for the both the mass and class. The thoughts of director Dinesh Baboo are unique as for as the education system is concerned and the introduction of ancient martial art `Kalari Payattu' for the first time in Kannada cinema is a welcome break and is well utilized by the director.

Master Jagannath (Dr Vishnuvaradhan) is a school teacher who has mastery over many things that are high in human values. He is the darling of his students because he does not give home work and declare marks to draw a line of demarcation among the students. Master Jagannath is married to Sneha (Suhasini Mani Ratnam) who is working in a child care home. The couple has a girl child Megnana. The close relative of this family is the Home Minister (Avinash). The Home Minister's daughter Adithi and Meghana are class mates. They travel in the same car to school. The dreaded terrorist Appu (Mukesh Rishi) who is in the captivity of police operate from his cell and that leads to a kidnap. By mistake the kidnappers take Meghana instead of Home Minister daughter Adithi. There is a huge disturbance in the family of Master Jagannath. The kidnappers ask for release of Appu in exchange of the child Meghana. The Home Minister's efforts to release Appu to secure Meghana go in vain. The prestige of the political party becomes more important and as the deadline lapses kidnappers kills the child Megnana. It is a tensed up situation for Master Jagannath. He does not reveal the death of his child to his wife and take utmost care to cover up the death news of his daughter. Sneha is still under the impression her daughter is in the captivity but the audience and other characters in the film know the truth. Sneha goes sick and needs medical attention. Admitting his wife to the hospital Master Jagannath takes a drastic step with the help of his expertise in Kalari Payattu. In a series od sctions he kills six persons and the upright cop Prathap (Devaraj) who is watching all these developmentsstays away from the doings of the Master. Even after Master is jailed three years he does not reveal the death of his daughter to his wife.

Emotional King Dr Vishnuvaradhan touches every heart. The agile looks and controlled performance surely leaves every audience to say he should not have died so early in his life. The interaction Dr Vishnu maintains with the children is tremendous. His message in the end to the student's fraternity not to take the step what he has followed is right advice.

Suhasini Mani Ratnam once again comes close to the heart. The immense love she express to her child the affection she showers to other children, the way in which she sits in the 3rd standard class room and takes the notes on behalf of her child are some touching scenes in the film.

Devaraj as a cop draws very good attention for his style and attitudes. Avinash is as usual at his best. Thara, Chitra Shenoy, CR Manohar are adequate to the roles.

V Sridhar has given two lovely songs.  Chinnu Mari Muddu Mari..Yee Lokavella Guruvu..are rich in meaning. Director Dinesh Baboo has handled the cinematography gets full credit for very colourful shots.

Scoring 8/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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