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Shahrukh Khan describes actual life of a celebrity 

Sunday, June 20, 2021 • Hindi Comments

Shahrukh Khan describes actual life of a celebrity 

Life of a celebrity seems quite dreamlike to common people but that isn't always the case. Commoners usually don't get to see the inside of a celebrities world and it's usually exhausting and devoid of all the glitz and glamour that seems on the outside. Despite being well paid and well known, celebs are usually overworked and don't have much of a private life. In an interview, superstar Shahrukh Khan talked about what life is actually like for a celeb.

"Getting up in the morning and finding out you are not completely bitten off. There are some parts of you that are left," he described. Good things require constant effort, Shahrukh explained this using an example. He said, "You know, you can marry — marriage is easy, to sustain it is difficult. To have kids is easy. Takes a little bit of work in the evening, and in nine months, you have one. But to bring them up well is difficult."

Shahrukh further shared he strives to get 89 hours out of a day. “Everybody wants a part of you, and they pay you for it. And you say okay, why not, make hay while the sun is shining," he said.

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