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Sharwanand on 'PPLM', Sai Pallavi & more

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Sharwanand on PPLM, Sai Pallavi & more

Sharwanand awaits the release of 'Padi Padi Leche Manasu' on December 21. In this interview, the actor throws light on the kind of movie we are in for. He talks about working with Sai Pallavi, his upcoming movies and more.

The love story is set in Kolkata. In what way is it going to be distinct?

We are happy with the way the film has shaped up. Telugu films in the Kolkata backdrop have always been hits: 'Lakshmi', 'Khushi', 'Choodalani Undhi', for example. Our films have mostly portrayed Howrah Bridge, Kali temples, etc more when it comes to Kolkata. In this film, we have shown the city's interiors.

What's your character like?

I am a football player in the movie. The identity of sportsman is just a minor aspect of my characterization. Surya is spontaneous, radiant and energetic. The director wanted me to be like that.

What's the crux of the subject?

We all have fights in relationships. We fall in love, quarrel, fight, love all over again - the story brings out such elements. 'Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju' was more for a mature audience. 'PPLM' is both for youths and middle-aged people. The emotional arc is entirely different. Surya, for example, proposes in a weird way. I was delighted by this aspect when I listened to the script. It was a catchy idea.

Tell us about working with Hanu Raghavapudi.

Director Hanu is a very good technician. He is known as a junior Sukumar and Telugu Mani Ratnam in the industry. As a technician, he is yet to get the kind of recognition he deserves. He has been my friend for many years. He told me three action stories but I asked him to come up with a love story.

Every director is unique in his own way. Maybe, Hanus is inspired by the way Mani sir treats the characters. But there is no similarity between 'Sakhi' and 'PPLM' (as some are thinking). If the songs have come out so well, it's because of him.

Who is dominating who in the story - Vaishali (Sai Pallavi) or Surya (Sharwa)?

Whoever may be the dominating one, the film will become a hit. Chemistry is the forte of this movie. Sai Pallavi is a fantastic actress. She is gifted. She made me feel very comfortable throughout. Vaishali and Surya seem very much like real-life lovers.

Coming to Sai Pallavi, is it true that she doesn't behave well on the sets?

Not at all. I used to show the news reports about her being "arrogant". I would laugh at such reports. She is very sweet.

The other day, Allu Arjun addressed you as 'Allu Arjun garu'. How did it feel?

So sweet of him. We have grown up together since childhood. We used to visit cinemas, attend parties, etc. Bunny has done a great favour by gracing the occasion.

Coming to visuals, isn't the film's cinematographer JK a Telugu man?

Telugu cinematographers are proving themselves of late. Our movies have to be shot by our cinematographers.

Varun Tej's 'Antariksham' is also releasing on the same date as yours. How do you see the competition?

Films like 'Antariksham' are rare. It's my brother's movie. I wish that it will do very well. Every hero has his space. Everyone has his own strength here. We don't see ourselves as each other's competitors.

What's Sunil's character in the movie?

Sunil's character is a surprise. He is not just a comedian but a character in himself in the movie. Same goes with others such as Ajay, Murali Sharma garu and others.

Tell us about the producer.

Sudhakar garu is here to stay. He is a passionate producer who doesn't shy away from spending money. After the failure of 'LIE', he could have spent sparingly. But he didn't compromise.

Do you plan your career consciously?

I am not in a hurry to do movies. I never plan the time gap between two of my movies. I look for the kind of work that excites me. I didn't plan to do love stories consciously after 'Prasthanam'. I take care not to repeat the same genre in two consecutive movies. I don't target any particular segment. I have done various genres. My films are increasing my market range; I am not exerting pressure on myself to ensure that. I have done Tamil movies in the past, but as of now, I am comfortable in Telugu.

Tell us about your movie with Sudheer Varma. And are you doing the remake of Tamil movie '96'?

Sudheer Varma's movie is set in two time frames - 1980s and the present. I am not playing a dual role. As for the remake of '96', things are yet to be finalized. There will be an official announcement when the time is ripe.

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