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She Taxi Preview

She Taxi Peview
Anoop Menon, Kavya Madhavan, Ansiba Hassan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, P Balachandran, K. B. Ganesh Kumar
Saji Surendran
Krishna Poojappura

She Taxi

Friday, May 1, 2015 • Malayalam Comments

'She- Taxi' marks the comeback of actress Kavya Madhavan after a sabbatical. The entire movie revolves around the character essayed by Kavya and she is the central protagonist in the movie. 'She - Taxi' narrates the story of Devayani, played by Kavya Madhavan. She is a taxi driver. Devayani has many problems in life and getting a run is very important for her sustenance. The passing away of her father who was a taxi driver is what lands her as a taxi driver and her father's colleagues are all very considerate towards the only female driver in their midst.

The plot of 'She -Taxi' thickens as three college students hire Devayani's taxi to go on a trip to the hilly terrains of Coorg. She accepts the trip in spite of the difficulties because of her situation.This trip turns out to be momentous as the group encounter different incidents. The three students are on the search for a very rare painting called 'Five Tibetans'.

Parallel to this journey is another troupe, dubbed as 'the bad boys with a mission' which has Joe Joseph, KT Salman, Umesh Pisharadi undertaking a trip. These parallel journeys intersect along the way. The search for the painting takes the group to the beautiful locales of Shimla.

There, a thrilling journey unfolds as a lot of intrigue is revealed regarding the painting and the plot has a lot of twists and suspense at this point adding to the thriller mode of the narrative. Directed by Saji Surendran, the movie also stars Anoop Menon, Ansiba, Krishnaprabha, Tini Tom, Ganesh, Suraaj Venjaramoodu etc along with Kavya Madhavan. Script is by Krishna Poojapura and the movie is touted to be a thrilling adventure with mystery unfolding along the way.

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