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Shiva Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 24, 2012 • Kannada ]
Shiva Review
ShivarajakumarRaginiRangayana RaghuSai RaviSadhu KokilaBullet PrakashShobarajSarigama VijiChitra ShenoyHarish RayappaManadip Raiand others.
N Omprakash Rao
KP SrikanthKantharaj


The much expected cinema of Shivarajakumar - 101st movie boast with mind blowing stunts, usual revenge, mistaken identify getting in to costly lapse, sharp dialogues, lovely music, cinematography and terrific presence of Shivarajakumar and Ragini.

Coming to director N Om Prakash Rao director of over 25 action films the terrific story is what missing. Some of the scenes what other heroes have done are copied in this film. Om Prakash Rao is known for such stealing from other films. The fact is that he has copied from Kannada films.

As for as the technical supremacy is concerned - music director Gurukiran, cinematographer Sathya Hegde have done outstanding job.

In the production values - there is no shortfall from producers Shrikanth and Kantharaj. They have spent liberally on the film to look very grand and visually very attractive.

What is this `Shiva' all about? Shiva is a man of guts. His power can take on anyone of any strength. He is staying with Panduranga Shetty (Rangayana Raghu) in high style. The purpose of Shiva (Shivarajakumar) staying here is for a cause. Shiva is mistaken as the son of Panduranga Shetty by Julie who is the daughter of a sincere journalist (played by Suchindra Prasad). As a matter of fact Shiva and Julie family are known to each other. Shiva father played by Ravi Kaale is a jockey in Turf Club is a honest man.

At the interval point out of mistaken identity Julie stabs Shiva. Shiva gets the support from one of the three villains - Masthan (Gurudut). That is because Masthan is looking to trap his ex friends now enemies. On his insistence Shiva is in the house of Panduranga Shetty. Shiva comes out from death bed to take the revenge. When Panduranga Shetty and Adhikeshavalu (Ravishanker) know the damage is going to be very deadly from Shiva and Julie they join hands with their past friend Masthan. The purpose is to defeat Shiva and Julie.

Julie realizing her fault also knows that Shiva is her childhood friend. Shiva has two purposes now - to bring back good name to his father who was killed by greedy people and secondly win as jockey. He is supported by Julie in his task.

A brilliant performer and action hero Shivarajakumar never disappoints his fans. The dialogues in this film are very well written for him and it also showcases the power of Dr Rajakumar family. At half century the stunts from Shivarajakumar receive good applaud.

Ragini as Julie in the film has variety. She is on a revenge trip, glamorous heroine and scope to showcase her potentiality - opportunity is available for her.

Ravishanker is becoming monotonous as villain, kick in Ranganaya Raghu is tolerable, Shobaraj and Bullet Prakash comedy scenes are good to laugh - in these scenes the funny director N Om Prakash Rao reminds his forte for comedy.

Gurukiran three songs are peppy - the songs for Shivarajakumar in this film remind the songs done for his younger brother Puneeth Rajakumar by music director V Harikrishna in previous films. Cinematographer Sathya Hegde has given his best.

A treat for Shivarajakumar fans!

Score 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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