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Shor In The City Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 30, 2011 • Hindi ]
Shor In The City Review
Balaji Motion Pictures
Tusshar Kapoor,Alok Chaturvedi,Sudhir Chowdhary,Pitabash Tripathy,Sendhil Ramamurthy,Nikhil Dwivedi,
Raj NidimoruKrishna Dk
Raj Nidimoru,Krishna Dk

Now this is one film that makes you feel that if only the narrative would have been even more imaginative and the presentation sleeker, it would have not just turned into a gritty affair a la Guy Ritchie or a Quentin Tarantino cinema but also broken new grounds for Indian cinema. It does strive to do something unique though as it makes audience join the journey of three small time criminals (Tusshar Kapoor, Nikhil Dwivedi, Pitobash Tripathy).

A couple of hilarious episodes follow with the first coming at the very beginning where the trio loots an author of his book even before it is published. Another episode that leaves its mark is the extended sequence involving a time bomb. Since the film maintains its black comedy genre, hence resulting in some dark moments, this episode is no different as well where the explosion of the bomb ends up awaking Tusshar's conscience even as it deafens him temporarily.

However right through the first half of the film such sequences are scattered all over the narrative as it starts turning a little monotonous at points. You want the story to get to a certain point but certain repetitive sequences like the involving an upstart cricketer (Sundeep Kishan), who could well be losing his girlfriend (Girija Oak) if he doesn't get selected, doesn't quite keep you entirely gripped to the proceedings.

Entry of a woman (Preeti Desai) in Sendhil's life just seems like a forced inclusion. Ditto for a couple of sequences featuring Radhika Apte (as Tusshar's wife). Though an attempt was made to make it all sound cute and romantic, one only waits longer for the drama to pick up and make all the right noise which was being promised. Also, the film's epilogue sequence featuring Tusshar appears to be an after thought in order to enhance the commercial appeal of the film.

Thankfully for the film, director duo of Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK do comply and start changing gears as the film progresses towards the real deal. Exchange of stolen arms, coming together of various characters through a bank robbery, the amateur manner in which the plan is put together and the way it is executed, all of it pretty much compensates for the wait all this while.

Amongst actors Tusshar is restrained and is particularly impressive in the scene where he comes across the kid who was accidentally harmed due to an act of his. Nikhil comes up with a good act and maintains poise in his act, especially towards the couple of sequences around the end. Pitobash does what one would have expected from Rajpal Yadav though one has to admit that his maniacal comic act does bring in a different shade.

Sendhil is quite good and much better than what he did in 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'. Sundeep and Girija play the part of average Joes well though one would have wanted to see more of Radhika and Preeti, both of whom in the current scheme of things are pretty disposable to the plotline.

Technically, despite the low budget of the film, 'Shor In The City' is quite good while boasting of a gritty cinematography. Background score is well placed though the same cannot be said about the song 'Saibo' which, despite being well tuned, only brings the pace of the narrative down. Also, one would have loved to hear 'Karma Is A Bitch' at multiple junctures than just the opening credit rolls.

Even though the film has been titled 'Shor In The City', the metaphor around the city's noise being equated to that of every individual's inner and outer noise isn't something which is on-the-face. In a way this attempt to tease audience does make for a gripping watch as you are constantly along with the journey of the characters. Overall 'Shor In The City' doesn't go all the way but still manages to come across as one of the finer and unique films to have come out of Bollywood this year.

Rating: *** 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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