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Shravani Subramanya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 28, 2013 • Kannada ]
Shravani Subramanya Review
Ganesh, Amoolya, Ananthnag, Thara, Avinash, Vinayaprakash, Ninasam Ashwath, Yashas and others.
Manju Swaraj
K A Suresh
V Harikrishna


For the closing of 2013 we have an exceedingly good package for the family in `Shravani Subramanya'. It is scintillating `Shravani' and superb Subramanya. The innocence of this film from `Shravani' is the redeeming feature of the film. Director Manju Swaraj has no short falls except a few minutes lengthy portion. He has given a spectacular treat for the family audience. Producer KA Suresh has won from his previous two films and this would put him in hat trick crown!

In the performance of Amoolya - she leaves a strong mark that in the coming days she will be a good replacement for top south Indian actress SOUNDARYA. She is so beautiful and bubbly. The acting potentiality in Amoolya is fabulous. At the beginning of her twenties she has left a strong hope. Given good opportunity Amoolya has all the strength to make it to the top in South India. She is completing degree in her academics but she is already with `Masters' in acting. The dubbing of Amoolya and timing she has given is a treat.

Watching `Shravani Subramanya' you would laugh for good humor at least a dozen times. Ganesh is another mesmerize in this film who has not given any room for the film to drop.

You look at Ananthnag and Tara in the city backdrop and Avinash and Vinayaprakash in the village backdrop the focus of the director is so apt and absorbing. The couple in city Ananthnag and Tara living happily and loving immensely is a strong stamp that director applies like how he deeply attracts from Shravani and Subramanya.

Innocent Shravani is deceived by Sudeep (Yashas) and left in lurch she is saved by Subramanya who accidently finds her on the streets. Subramanya advice to Shravani misfires. The land lord father of Shravani kicks out his daughter. It becomes Subramanya responsibility to give a proper shelter and living. In the city Subramanya and Shravani consulting a realtor hatch a plan to pretend as just married couple. They get a house to live in the adjoining house of Ananthnag and Tara.

A series of interesting and touching developments that come up keeping engaged carries freely till the end. The pretending couple turns lovers but fail to express at the right time. The senior couple looking at the fate of the young couple gives complete support and also consider as their own children. The fire in the family of Shravani is still not reduced. On the other side Sudeep is also waiting to quench his thirst with his friends.

How Subramanya and Shravani eke out a living, how they set right the problems that is danger in future etc are in final reels of the film.

Amoolya overshadows everyone from her performance, looks and dialogue delivery. It is an immaculate timing to her dialogues that is absorbing. The pranks of Amoolya on Ganesh do not stop you from laughing. It is a very fine screen presence of Amoolya gets more marks for the film. Till the last frame Amoolya carries her innocence is another beauty of this film.

Ananthnag, Taara, Avinash, Vinayaprakash, Sadhu Kokila, Ninasam Ashwath are right picks and delivered superbly.

Ananthnag and Tara as couple leading a content life is of course a torch bearer to senior couples. Any stony heart melts for the children safety you could see in Avinash. Vinayaprakash in just expressions steals the show.

Director Manju Swaraj is sure to reach a good position in the cinema industry from this kind of a wholesome family entertainer. The technical knowledge he has added in the form of music, cinematography, editing and a few graphics are lovely.

Parul Yadav lights up the screen from her excellent dance for Akal It is a racy number and Parul Yadav was not seen in such a skin show in the past. The title song at the right time and Ninna Noduva Kannugalu are well scored and top in melody from V Harikrishna. Sonu Nigam is once again peerless in Ninna Noduva Kannugalu...

This is the career best cinematography from Suresh Babu. Every frame is bright and appealing to the eyes.

There are many reasons for you to watch this film without fail.

Score - 8.5/10 



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