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Shruthi Haasan and few actors have EMI troubles too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Shruthi Haasan and few actors have EMI troubles too!

Constant and consistent earning potential is a must for everyone at all stages. To run a family with decent amenities and adhere to all the demands of the family members, people need to take some loans - personal and professional, business, credit line, etc.

To repay them, everyone have to fall into the unending cycle of payments called EMIs. It is a regular thing for all employees and many think actors after one or two successes start earning in crores, hence they don't need to take any loans or pay monthly installments.

But right from Nagarjuna kind of big stars to Shruthi Haasan to Allu Aravind kind of producer to Dil Raju to Ram Charan to other actors, mainly actresses, have some sort of loans if not personal then business based loans up their sleeve to take care off, it seems.

We don't know how much each of them owe or if they have to worry so much but they still are looking for this lockdown to be over with to have a regular source of income to take care of these installments, it seems.

Actresses who recently moved into flats or bought luxury cars, homes have been paying off from their savings and most of them are hit by corona virus pandemic badly, it seems. All expensive holidays and trips that they could afford with different loans are now becoming a tough task to manage it seems.

One source claimed under anonymity, "Our Madam had to agree for a movie just to get some advance and pay off six to seven months instalment even during this lockdown period. But it is hard to get any payment without signing on dotted lines and with offices not permitted to work properly, arranging funds to give salaries will get difficult further!"

Shruthi Haasan and few actors have EMI troubles too!

TV actors who have good popularity and fame, an assurance that they will be received with open arms once the permissions to produce shows are given, - are relaxed at the moment. But those who depend on shooting checks after schedules, not like or better than daily labour, are wishing for quick relaxations in the lockdown restrictions for them to resume their work.

Only few anchors are managing to find some sort of work even though the restrictions block them from leaving their houses. From within their isolated locations, they are filming some episodes or giving interviews to keep themselves in the news and in the reckoning.

At start, what appeared to be a new experience for everyone that will last for a month at most, has extended it self so much now that even the more relaxed and easy going, well settled are feeling the repercussions.

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