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Shubam Music Review

Shubam Music Review
Shivadwaj, Sanjitha
Ravi R.Garani
A pleasant mix of sounds
Monday, November 28, 2005 • Kannada Comments

Tunes that are catchy and sound good to the ear have been music director Gurukiran's positive points. Though, there are times when he gets carried away and lands up giving away clues to where he might have picked up some of the tunes from. His main track for Shubham Yaarivanu is, as is his style -- extremely catchy. This track is gaining popularity by the day, especially because of the slick way in which the song has been shot.

A return to the past happens in the track called Ahaa Yuvarani wherein C Ashwath's voice proves to be a major success.

E Mounava and Honey Honey are are sweet romantic numbers and both are musically very nice too.

A peppy number with funny lyrics about Mavaiaya changes the tempo of the album. Again here, the language used goes a bit back in time, and the lady doing the honors is singer Malgudi Shubha.

For those looking for a techno track in a Kannada film album, the song Ee Dhamani Dhamani could just be the thing you might like. One finds the use of one too many instruments in this song and while the song does not loose tempo, it does come across as something that is concocted right within the studio, minus live artistes. It is one of the faster tracks in the album.

A slower Tapankuch version comes across in Loveu Kanno.

Gurukiran himself lends his voice to one of the josh sort of songs in the film called Yenaytu. Also joining him is singer Usha Uttap for the main track Yarivanu. A surprise element in the title track is a rip off from Hindi film album Gupt and the English instrumental album Enigma.

An interesting mix is what comes to the listener with Shubham.

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