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Shubam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 8, 2006 • Kannada ]
Shubam Review
Shivadwaj, Sanjitha
Ravi R.Garani

Director Ravi Gharani from television to big screen for the first time has taken big responsibility. His small screen narration was very good in 'Kavyanjali' television serial and his debut big screen presentation is superb. He thinks the audiences of film and television is similar. The confusion tactics in the second half is of course the trend set by Upendra in his earlier days. This film 'Shubam' with two climaxes has created lot of hype and the mass version of 'Shubam' is released now.

The contents are similar to films like Ramachari, Ranadheera of yesteryear Kannada films. But the narration technique is quite different. Making the audience to believe so and so is truth and suddenly changing track, he keeps the interest to watch the film increase. Except for the last twenty minutes routine run of the mill aspect in the second half the film is superb.

By the time the kidnap drama of Venki (Shivadwaj) is over Priya is in love with him immensely. He has done the kidnap in connivance with two of Priya's family members. The director fools the audience in his first jerk in the narration. He brings in the issue that Venki is married and he has a kid. But reels later we come to know Venki has done it like that as he is compelled to do so. Reason - he has brain tumor. A few reels later we come to know that the doctor is compelled to say so because the trouble monger brothers of Priya do not want this marriage to take off. Why? The flashback opens up. Priya marriage and her child would demolish the status of her brothers is what a wanderer Yogi has said. On this astrological prediction the shaky brothers mentally formulate plots to evaporate Venki. The 'Sachcha pyaar' between Venki and Priya now receives a major jolt. Venki as expected is badly beaten. He loses mental balance and he is in the hospital. Meanwhile Priya knows the wicked moves of her brothers. In the hospital Priya saves Venki from death when her brother's goons follow Venki. How Priya struggles with mentally ill Venki? Whether she gets back Venki to the normal position is the climax portion in the film.

Both Shivadwaj and Sanjitha look good on screen, they make a very good screen pair. Shivadwaj with a long career in films is sure to get a breakthrough from this film. Sanjitha (of 'Kya Hog Nimmoo Ka') is very sweet in looks. She has got a wonderful career ahead. Kishore as the main villain has been convincing. Likewise is Uppinakayi Uncle Lokanath. Vanitha Vasu and Pavitra Lokesh have added good support. Mandya Ramesh in the squint eye comedy provides relief.

This is a technically brilliant film. The 72 minutes optical work the fine photography by Giri has increased the high quality of the film. The editing by Nagendra Urs is something different. Gurukiran the No.1 music director has not fallen behind in his work. Three of his tunes are very melodious. The item song of Suja is peppy.

This is worth watching.

Verdict - 7/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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