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Simbu and Sri Reddy's unexpected approaches bring success

Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Tamil Comments

The past week was filled with action that even made one forget the Kollywood strike and the Chennai Super Kings leaving town and going far away.  Apart from all the other headlines the ones that caught everyone's attention is Simbu's childlike request to Karnataka people and Telugu actress Sri Reddy staging a nude protest against the casting couch.

When Simbu called for a press meet on the day the Tamil Film fraternity went on a peace protest, most pressmen were perplexed by his speech.  The controversial star had said that protests were useless and instead of going to the supreme court, one should appeal to the mothers of Karnataka for water and if they refuse then the next action should be taken.  Simbu also suggested that every Kannadiga give a glass of water to a Tamilian and prove their solidarity.  Though the press ridiculed him, a few days later it had to eat back its words as many videos were uploaded with the Karnataka people hailing Simbu as a hero.

In the Telugu industry no one took actress Sri Reddy seriously when she threatened to expose famous celebrities of demanding sexual favours for acting roles.  She went on a nude protest in the Film Chamber of Commerce premises and most people ridiculed her and the Movie Actors Association threatened to ban her.  But Sri Reddy's struggle caught the attention of none other than the National Human Rights Commission who sent a notice to the Telengana government to look into the matter.  The MAA too quickly lifted the ban on the actress and instead promised to set up a committee to monitor sexual harassment against women.

Simbu and Sri Reddy, two people who employed radically different approaches from others won big with the people and showed immediate results.