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'Sita' is a layered film, a new story: Kajal Aggarwal

Monday, May 20, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Sita is a layered film, a new story: Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal is proud to have played a complex character in 'Sita', which is set to release on May 24. In this interview, catch her talk about the film, working with Teja and Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, her upcoming movies and more.

Being a hard worker

It's just my passion for what I do. I enjoy what I do, I work very hard. I don't really know any other way. I can't be sitting and chilling. I am a very hyper-active person. I utilize my time correctly.

No mythology in 'Sita'

There is no mythology in 'Sita'. It's a very 2019 story. This is about relationships, drive, ambition, about each person wanting to make it big in life. Some people want to get married and settle down, others want to make it big in life. Sita represents today's girls. She wants to work hard.

Sita is ambitious

She (Sita) is not a bad person. She is a committed person, she is motivated. She works towards fulfilling her dreams and goals. Some people will be able to relate to her, a few might find her obnoxious. That's how her character is and so be it. She does come of age and you have to watch the rest in the movie. She has the conviction and she is selfish about it. At the workplace, we all want to do things our way. She is like that.

Always wanted 'Sita'

I have a lot of respect for Teja sir. I enjoyed working with him on 'Lakshmi Kalyanam' and 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri'. 'Sita' was narrated to me many years ago. The project was shelved somehow. I kept telling him all along that only I would be doing the film and he can't be doing it with anyone else.

Prepping up for the role

Teja sir had to brainwash me for every scene. The character has got many shades. It's a complicated one. There are twists, there are elements of greed, power, etc in the story. I gave my sweat, blood and tears. The film gave me the scope to understand for myself what I can experiment with and what I would like to do more of. It's an intense role. She has a sense of humour but she is not playful. She means business. She is not there to do timepass. She has big aspirations but she was also born with a silver spoon. She has been fortunate and wants to go further. Sometimes, she takes things for granted.

Teja is amazing

I wouldn't call it aggressiveness. I would call it his drive. There is something in him that keeps him going. That's amazing. He can work 24/7. When he is on a project, his energy is contagious. That's one quality I can relate to. I can almost feel that it's meditative. He is very self-absorbed.

Rapport with Bellamkonda

We broke the ice during 'Kavacham'. 'Sita' needed a lot of chemistry and the rapport we developed during our first film helped. His character is not easy to understand and perform. And he has done it amazingly. He looks both vulnerable and macho in the film. Sai fit the bill perfectly. He is a rare combination of these.

Never bossed around on 'Sita' sets

What are these rumours, guys? (Laughs). I am not a bully by nature. If I bully, I do it only to joke around. I never dominate anyone. I mind my own business and I am very accommodative.

'Indian-2' is happening

Kamal Haasan sir has been very busy. The film will go on the floors in June. That's what I have been told. It hasn't been shelved.

Audience's response matter the most

I can't do a film just because it's female-centric. I should like the story and my character. I don't expect awards, etc. I just want the audience to like the film and see my hard work. If awards happen, it's great. Otherwise, that's still ok. I want to explore roles, I want to break free of shackles. Directors like Teja sir help you push the envelope. I had to go through physiotherapy while working on 'Sita'. It was a tiresome thing. My back was paining too much and I couldn't sit straight.

Production house with director Prasanth Varma

It's not established as yet. That was just a thought. Nothing is decided as yet. I don't think I am ready for it yet. I will do it once I am ready. KA Ventures was the name, yes. We are yet to even register the name. There is nothing to talk about it.

Adopted school in Araku Valley

I do go there physically whenever I have the time. It's a full-fledged school for tribals. They provide hygiene, meals, medical facilities, vaccinations, etc. I hope to go there soon, once again.

Upcoming movies

The film with Sharwanand, I have a film with Jayam Ravi in Tamil. Last year, I was totally busy shooting for different films and this year, I will have releases. I have an interesting project lined up and you will come to know about it soon.

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