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Sivaram Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 24, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Sivaram Review
Sai Kumar, Devayani, Devan, Ramireddy, Jeeva, Satyaprakash Nuthan Prasad, L.B.Sriram
Vandemataram Srinivas

There are heroes. Then there are prisoners of image. Sai Kumar belongs to the latter category. If you have seen one of his films, you have seen it all.

And so it is with Sivaram. Saikumar, as the eponymous Sivaram, comes to the city as a whiter-than-dove and honest-than-honesty policeman to the city. And surprise, surprise, he immediately runs into a bunch of baddies.

Sivaram, while taking on the thugs, kills the son of arch villain. So Sivaram's trouble starts. The villain (Rami Reddy) unleashes his dirty tricks against Sivaram and his wife Devayani). Sivaram, apart from having to contend with the hooligans, has to also fight the weeds in his own department including his venal superiors.

But he manfully shoulders all the troubles and comes out winner after bashing the louts, spouting rhetorical dialogues and pumping bullets and spilling guts and gore everywhere.

By the end of it all, you wonder what makes the director to make such movies.

There is nothing new in the film. Tacky sets, mediocre music, middling technical values and over-the-top hamming are spread all over the film.

Sai Kumar mouths his dialogues like a concrete mixture would roll the cement --- hard and relentless. He is loud and his acting is plain pain. The villains (Rami Reddy, Devan, among others) are original as yesterday's counterfeit. Devayani is okay. But her role is small and, at any rate, not enough to save this mindless mishmash.
Rajkumar, the director, like a pilot on automatic cruise, has not bothered to do any real work. The film just ambles on.

Somebody really needs to stop Sai Kumar from acting in such films.

And whoever does that deserves our heart-felt thanks

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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