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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr
Jon Watts
Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal
Michael Giacchino
Spider-Man: Homecoming
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, July 8, 2017 • Tamil] Comments

In less than 15 years, this is the third time SPIDERMAN aka Peter Parker is set to entertain through the Marvel Avengers medium. After seeing him as teen, the youngest and quirkiest of the Avengers team in Captain America Civil war, people wanted to see him more and more, looks like the requests have paid off. Spiderman homecoming is a fun ride and one of Marvel’s best superhero movie till date.
The narrative centers on a young Peter Parker who is trying to balance his life as both a high school student and a superhero. It might also be briefly said as Spider-Man trying to discover his purpose in a world of heroes, the one’s with super powers far more superior than him. So, there is some comical yet serious interaction with Iron Man, there are a lots of Avengers talk too. A breezy, refreshing and lovable reboot, the film gets straight to the point, skipping the formalities of origin stories and building off what made Tom Holland's Spider-Man a stand-out in last year's Civil War. Spider-Man is usually depicted as the youngest and cutest of superheroes, but he seems really young in the slight form of Holland, who was still a teenager when “Homecoming” was filmed. Also really nice and really smart, Peter is the sort of guy you’d want in your group, the weird yet lovable guy.
The story shoots off from there, after the airport avenger’s standoff, Peter tries to convince his mentor - Tony Stark   to accept him as part of the Avengers. Since Stark is not convinced of Peter's abilities, Peter tries to impress him by taking on the Vulture – the madman played by Michael Keaton, who is selling weapons made from alien tech on the black market. What follows is an adventure of recovery with a bit of romance angle which adds some spice to the otherwise action-packed drama.

The plot is simple and the graph is occasionally exciting but often frustrating as there is plenty of room for crisp editing and instead the sequence just goes on with greater scope of a smaller scene. There are a few sequences that are unwarranted as it momentarily bores you right out of the story - like the central set-piece action sequence on the ferry, which is pretty mediocre. Some of the action sequences here are deliberately low key by comparison with those in Avenger or X-Men movies. One of the best has Spider-Man hanging upside down, taking on thugs working for the Vulture who are trying to rob a bank. He wisecracks at the most risky moments but he doesn’t always get his own way in the fights. He’s a jolly go teenager, after all, and they have secret weapons that he can’t cope with.
What really works for Spiderman is that unusual touch of teen and innocence, Stark has this line “if not without the suit, what are you”. It matters in life too, shows how an individual realizes and grows into his strengths, that’s the most positive thing you can say for a teen and Spiderman homecoming touches you right there. With more on personal struggle, the VFX is kept to minimum with the directors looking to expand more on fun, sarcasm like the ones you get to see in an American teen movie except that there are superheroes in it.
Spiderman is also releasing in local languages, the Tamil version is hilarious, drafted with local humor, so go for the sheer entertainment that it holds.


Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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