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Sreenu Vaitla on 'AAA', Ravi Teja & breaking monotony

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Sreenu Vaitla on AAA, Ravi Teja & breaking monotony

Ahead of the release of 'Amar Akbar Anthony' on November 16, Sreenu Vaitla says that the film has a unique story.  In this interview, the director talks about the entertainer, working with Ravi Teja, what cinema means to him and more.  

Learned from my mistakes

When you are confident, you are relaxed.  It's true that we learn a lot from mistakes.  If we don't learn, we will not grow.  On 'AAA', I worked harder than I had ever worked in my career.  After the script was done, both Ravi Teja and the producers at Mythri Movie Makers were so excited.  I was very particular about teaming up with Mythri, who are my friends.  

An expensive film

The entire story takes place in the US, especially New York.  The shooting had to be done in two seasons - summer and winter.  It was a big, expensive affair.  The producers gave full cooperation.  I enjoyed the whole journey, thanks to my whole team.  'AAA' is one of my most luxurious movies.  The producers, to their credit, feel that the budget was planned.  I have never exceeded my budget in my career.  

A unique story

This film is based on a single point.  I can't reveal much about it. Its story is stronger than what 'Venky' and 'Dubai Seenu' got.  Revenge is a part of the film.  It's not the main story. There happens something between the lead pair and that's the main part.  I can confidently say that this movie has a totally new point.  

Apt title

The title is most apt and there was no other go.  Ravi too felt that the title is great, also because he is a big Amitabh Bachchan fan.  

Ileana was first choice

Ileana was the first one I thought of.  I did try other names but eventually, she joined the project.  I wanted to work with Ileana for 'Baadshah'.  Due to some reasons, I couldn't work with her.  

Sunil is back

Sunil is going to have you laughing.  He is back you with naughtiness, energy.  You will enjoy his comedy.  

On Jennifer Lopez's mansion

I needed to shoot the movie in a mansion.  In it, I needed an out-house, a spacious corporate-style space, etc.  Such buildings are not easy to find in the US.  So, I wanted to shoot in Europe.  This is when I got to know about a mansion in the US.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the mansion and came to know that it belongs to Jennifer Lopez.  

I have always changed

I started my career with an offbeat movie.  'Anandam' and 'Sontham' followed.  From 'Dhee' and 'Ready', I persisted with a format.  After monotony set in, I started thinking of new stories.  I have made 'AAA' only after conceiving a new story.  

Story comes first

The budget of my first movie was only Rs. 13 lakhs.  I never differentiated between small and big films.  Story takes precedence for me.  I may do a 'Nee Kosam' in future.  I started out as a small director.  I don't take anything seriously.  I am a happy guy.  I am not after fame. I just want good people around me, people who care for me.  

I never request producers

Let me tell you something.  I am not saying it with arrogance.  I have never approached any producer seeking offers.  Even in recent years, five producers were wanting to work with me at any time.  I have a good acquaintance with Mahesh Babu, who is a good friend of mine.  But I have never requested him for a project.  I never obligate anyone to work with me.  I am here because of cinema. I like to watch, make movies.  My life is comfortable because of cinema.  I love cinema.  

Bonding with Mass Maharaja 

Ravi Teja has always liked me as a friend.  He trusts me totally.  'Dubai Seenu' was started within just a month.  I didn't have a story till before a month.  We are good friends and don't see each other as director or hero.  Ravi is not just about comic timing.  We saw it in 'Vikramarkudu'.  I have exploited his emotional side in 'AAA'.  

Vintage Vaitla

People want vintage Vaitla.  They don't want the Vaitla of my last three films.  With 'AAA', I am going to make you laugh a lot.  The labels that directors get are both a boon and a bane.  It's not difficult to tell a new story.  What's hard is that you have to tell it entertainingly.  The audience doesn't want you to deviate from your style.